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There have been many memorable moments throughout the legacy of the Minecraft Championships. The tournament has been the breeding ground of defining moments. It has seen everything, from impressive plays to hilarious schemes and glitches.
The Minecraft Championships (also known as “MCC”) are a series of invite-only events held near-monthly since November 17, 2019. The event is a collaborative effort between The Noxcrew and Scott “Smajor” Major. The latter is infamous for putting together each of the ten four-player teams that make up each MCC.
The event consists of those ten teams competing head-to-head in a series of nine randomly chosen minigames. These minigames are designed to test a variety of skills within Minecraft.
These skills can range from anything as talent-oriented as player-versus-player combat, in-game movement, or parkour to general skills like memorization, puzzle-solving, and teamwork.
In the two years the event has been running, there have been more memorable moments than fans can count. The amount of unique, gratifying moments that stick out during each championship is part of what makes audiences and competitors alike look forward to the event each month.
That said, there’s a way to quantify those memorable moments.
TommyInnit hasn’t been able to live down one of his career-defining moments during MCC 4. While flying around, playing “Rocket Spleef,” he knocked off Katherine Elizabeth.
After she plummeted to her death and her kill screen was displayed, Tommy proudly (and iconically) stated:
“Just killed a woman, feeling good.”
This made his teammates Wilbur Soot, Ph1LzA, and Technoblade roar with laughter. This quote later became quite iconic and is one that Tommy (nor Katherine) will not be able to live down for years.
Technoblade is revered as an incredibly skilled competitor in player-versus-player combat. However, he’s not only incredible with a sword but also with elaborate strategies that exploit loopholes in many of the minigames in MCC.
In Minecraft Championship 7, Technoblade comprised a strategy that had his teammates, himself included, gathering a specific amount of blocks he had written on a shopping list for each member. Though it set the side of four back at the beginning, it skyrocketed them to first place by the end of the round.
This elaborate, time-consuming strategy was applauded. However, it did cause Build Mart’s rules to be changed to prevent other teams from attempting a similar approach in later Minecraft Championships.
In MCC 11, Dream accomplished the impossible and completed all the challenges in “Parkour Warrior.” He’d done this twice before, at MCC 8 and MCC 10, but, as they always say, the third time’s a charm.
What made this moment so memorable wasn’t just Dream skillfully finishing the course in the first attempt, but the fact that the admins blew up the whole course “in anger” after he had finished.
The admins later revealed that this was a joke and that the explosives set around the map were programmed to detonate regardless. Still, the whole map exploding after Dream’s third and final first-place finish in the now-retired Parkour Warrior will always remain an MCC highlight.
Grian isn’t primarily known for his strengths in player-versus-player combat, as his strengths generally lie in less combat-based minigames. That said, in MCC 9, Grian proved that he could come in clutch with some game-changing kills.
He scored an impressive triple kill against three out of four members of Team Lime Llamas, including Dream, Tubbo, and Fundy. Fans could hear how much of a victory it was killing combat-master Dream as he shouted:
The MCC is no stranger to glitches that sometimes give competitors an unfair yet unexpected advantage. It’s only natural in an event that relies on such heavy programming and intricate game mechanics.
In MCC 3, Wilbur Soot found a glitch that allowed him to infinitely fly around and glitch into blocks so he wouldn’t fall into the void below. He noticed that his in-game character wasn’t flying around or performing flight mechanics as normal even before the round started.
This led to him accidentally discovering this infinite fly glitch, which several other competitors would later replicate.
In Minecraft Championship 14, TommyInnit pulled off an unexpected yet impressive clutch in Sky Battle. He was the only member of his team left alive, yet right towards the end of the game, he managed to snag five extra kills by placing down creepers inside a tunnel made by Team Lime Llamas.
One of the most gratifying wins in the history of the event happened during Minecraft Championship 17. Grian was the last member of his team standing against the three opponents he had to eliminate across the field.
Against all odds, he slowly picked off each opposing team member and took the crown for MCC 17.
MCC 14’s Sky Battle wasn’t just TommyInnit’s time to shine but also a game-defining moment for Fruitberries.
Fruitberries pushed his skills in player-versus-player combat to the limit during a later round of Sky Battle. He topped the scoreboards with thirteen total kills at the end of the round, coming in first place in the minigame.
Minecraft Championship 7 experienced technical lag issues when it came time to play Battle Box. While the game was paused so the admins could fix the problem, Magistrex decided to place TNT in the waiting area to see if it would detonate.
Sure enough, it did, and the explosion killed his teammate, Plumbella. The team on the opposite side of Magistrex’s team saw this and decided to mimic their actions, placing down TNT and killing one of their teammates, Seapeekay.
Unfortunately, the round was restarted after both explosions went off, so neither team retained the coins they won from slaughtering their team members.
Another iconic MCC quote comes from Minecraft Championship All-Stars. After Cubfan performed a maneuver that dunked Team Yellow Yaks into a pit of water so they would have no say in what minigame gets chosen to be played next, Seapeekay expressed confusion towards that decision, saying:
Wilbur Soot began laughing at the phrasing of his statement, making fun of the phrase “weird dunk.” This later became an ongoing joke, as whenever teams get unnecessarily dunked, they shoot a quick “weird dunk” in the chat.
Note: The article is in no particular order and is based on the writer’s opinions.
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