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The holiday season is upon us, and you might be wondering what kind of treats and snacks you can set out for your guests to keep them busy (and satisfied) while you’re putting the finishing touches on the main course.
Consider these Christmas charcuterie board ideas; there’s something here for everyone. Traditionally, these boards are made of savory cured meats, artisan cheeses, crackers, fruits, and an assortment of jams and honey. 
You’re not limited to just those standards. You can branch out, incorporating desserts, veggies, or combinations of new and old ideas.
It’s the holiday season and the time to be merry! Be adventurous and try something new that impresses your guests and leaves you satisfied with your hosting abilities. 
A Christmas Wreath Charcuterie Board is an excellent alternative to the standard charcuterie board.
Some of my favorites to include are prosciutto and dry coppa, fresh fruits, and a choice of cheeses (I highly recommend the Wensleydale with cranberries).
Foil-wrapped chocolate and gingerbread man cookies kick this board into the next level of festivity. 
Here we see the Christmas Tree Charcuterie Board that transforms the usual artful arrangement of foods into a delightful and cheery Christmas tree!
Assorted nuts can be used for the tree's trunk, while the whole rosemary acts as branches.
You can include whatever you want with this, subbing out for your favorites where appropriate. 
Did you think that Christmas tree was cute? Check out the Candy Cane Charcuterie Board.
The trick with this board will be choosing alternating light and dark ingredients to get that striped look. Mozzarella, feta, and lighter cheddars work well here, paired with your cured meats of choice.
Add a few sweet fruits or treats to compliment the cheese and meat.
It's no secret that vegan options are too scarce on most occasions. But you can change that by trying out the Vegan Charcuterie Board at your next holiday party.
On this vegan Christmas charcuterie, you will find everything savory, salty, sweet, and spicy that you could want to see.
I use this recipe when I have vegan friends coming over. Check out other vegan snacks to add to the table!
An Antipasto Christmas Wreath Appetizer could be just what you need to brighten your spread.
It's quick and easy, with the rosemary serving as this cheerful charcuterie's base.
Nestled among the aromatic herbal branches, you can decorate with olives, roasted peppers, and round cuts of cured meats.
Who says that charcuteries just have to be for before dinner?
Christmas Charcuterie Dessert Board defies the old traditions and presents a dessert spread playfully.
Candy canes, snowmen Christmas cookies, and other seasonal treats and candies line the tray in a way that will delight and entice your guests.
Use some small serving dishes to alternate the layout and create exciting heights and dimensions. 
A Red and Green Christmas Charcuterie Board presents those classic Christmas colors in an understated yet devastatingly delicious way.
Pull together apples, tomatoes, and baby bells with hearts cut out of the wax. Pair them with olives, asparagus, and green grapes to achieve fanciful color coordination.
But that's not all; this board has much more, including a tasty pinwheel recipe.
Centering your charcuterie around this timeless symbol of winter, the Snowman Snack Board displays three soft kinds of cheese for your guests to try.
In this version, you'll use brie, Danish Camembert, and Chèvre spreadable goat cheese.
Of course, you can choose to swap out for your favorites; it's just the circular shape that matters. 
The Hot Chocolate Charcuterie Board is a fun spin on the idea of a charcuterie board.
Naturally, it doesn't have any cured meats or cheeses. But because I love hot chocolate, I had to include it in this list.
Indulge your inner child by setting up this luxuriant hot chocolate station with all the fixings you could imagine.
Check out some boozy hot chocolate ideas if you want to spike your drink!
The Santa Charcuterie Board includes fruit, cheese, tasty crackers… and Santa Claus!
Whenever I've tried this board, I've received compliments from my adult friends and family and delighted laughs from the children.
It'll be a shame to see this charcuterie gobbled up, but no one can resist the marshmallow fluff and whipped cream dip.
A Sweet and Salty Christmas Snack Board will appeal to everyone at your holiday party.
I have a significant sweet tooth (especially this time of year), but I know some of my guests will be craving salty snacks.
This collection of fruits, cured meats, cookies, nuts, and other treats satisfies everyone. 
A question as old as time, what is my kid going to eat?
With this Snow Day Charcuterie Board, you can whip up a kid-friendly charcuterie board and ease that burden from a parent's mind.
The options are healthier than the usual bowl of chips and pretzels, and you may even get them to try something new.  
This Christmas Cheese Board is a fine example of a more classic and old-fashioned cheese board.
With an array of popular and delicious cheeses, you can pair crackers and nuts with fresh fruits and a sweet jam.
If you want to dress this board up a little more, you can use rosemary sprigs for garnish. 
A large wooden tray is the perfect serving station for a Christmas Cookie Charcuterie Board.
You can fill this up with the recommended cookies (the s'mores magic cookie bars are always a big hit), or you can add some of your choosing!
Garnishing with marshmallows and green and red sprinkles can add a holiday flair to this dessert tray.
Follow the instructions for a Rudolph Charcuterie that looks amazingly like the Rudolph from the Rankin and Bass films!
This charcuterie board will be a big nostalgia bomb for your Christmas party.
If you want to take it a step further, add three circles of soft cheese and decorate them to look like Frosty.
Turn your typical cheese spread into a Cheese Cube Christmas Tree!
Artfully arrange your favorite kinds into bite-sized cubes that guests can select with a toothpick or small serving fork.
A bit of celery at the base will serve as the trunk, and sprigs of thyme will act as garland.
This Garland Christmas Charcuterie Board will look just like the garland you would decorate your home with.
But instead of something inedible, you can pick away at the olives, mozzarella, and cleverly folded cured meats.
Roasted peppers and pepperoncini add some sweetness and spice to the board.
Tell us your favorite holiday charcuterie ideas for the season! There are lots of creative ways to add a festive touch to your usual meat and cheese board.
Don’t forget holiday cocktails to sip while you enjoy these snacks.
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