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For a few years, the 24/7 Championship was a regular fixture on WWE television. If it wasn’t being won by a random celebrity, it was usually being held or chased by R-Truth.
Ever since Triple H took over as the head of creative in July, the belt has been all but forgotten. It feels like it might be slowly phased out completely, but there are other options to consider.
Instead of just dropping a championship altogether, WWE could rebrand it into something new in order to create some intrigue and reinvigorate the midcard scene.
While the United States and Intercontinental Championships are usually designated as midcard belts, WWE has had plenty of main event talents hold them in recent years. That means those a bit lower on the card have fewer prizes to fight over most of the time.
Creating a new title in place of the 24/7 Championship would offer some interesting opportunities for both the company and its Superstars. Let’s look at some options.
The WWE women’s division has had two singles titles and a set of tag team championships for a few years, but a midcard belt is something that has never come to fruition.
The intercontinental and United States titles serve as a stepping stone for male midcard stars to the next level or to rejuvenate a struggling main event star’s career.
Having a belt like this for female wrestlers in WWE would allow a lot of women who are nowhere near being in consideration for a major championship run to have something to fight for.
Stars such as Xia Li, Aliyah, Shotzi Blackheart and Dana Brooke would benefit greatly from having something on the same level as the IC title. It would give them a chance to prove their worth as potential contenders for the Raw and SmackDown belts down the line.
With Brooke already in possession of the 24/7 title, it would be easy to make the transition into a belt meant solely for the women’s division. That probably wouldn’t stop R-Truth from wanting his baby back, but that’s a bridge that can be crossed later.
When WWE first introduced the 24/7 title, Mick Foley was brought out to show it off because the gimmick was similar to the championship he made famous during the Attitude Era.
The hardcore title has a complicated history. Some fans have fond memories of Superstars like Raven, Crash Holly and countless others fighting over the belt in the most ridiculous segments, but many others were glad to see it go when WWE retired the belt in 2002.
The 24/7 title has the same stipulation for the champion and challengers, but there has been a lot less emphasis on weapons and carnage than there was 20 years ago.
While WWE would never be able to use the same level of violence it once did, using the hardcore title again would be an improvement over whatever the 24/7 title has become.
The company could even bring back the same battered old design it used in the past, but creating a new belt might be a better option.
The WCW Television Championship was a midcard title held by some of the greatest names to have graced the ring, but it was also considered a third-tier belt by many people.
Legends such as Lex Luger, Arn Anderson, William Regal and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin carried this belt, but it was also held by people like The Renegade, Disco Inferno, The Z-Man and Prince Iaukea.
The world and U.S. titles were the first- and second-tier championships. The TV title, while held by many greats, was something WCW used as a stepping stone for talents who were being tested for a bigger push.
Not only would a Television Championship give stars further down the card something to fight over, but it would also be something WWE could use on Main Event and at house shows to offer title changes where we don’t usually see them.
WWE could even add something to it so it felt more important. Perhaps the person who holds the title for the most consecutive weeks each year could earn an IC title shot at the Royal Rumble or something similar.
The AEW All-Atlantic Championship feels like it was designed to be defended in other companies as much as it is in All Elite Wrestling, and that’s a concept WWE might want to think about.
Some people might not know this, but the company has working relationships with several smaller promotions. Having a WWE-branded title that is defended both on television and on the indie scene could do a lot of good for both sides.
For WWE, having a belt that floats across multiple smaller promotions would be a good way to test the waters with potential future signings. If the company likes how they handle themselves holding an official title, then it might help their chances of getting hired.
For the talent, having a title with the WWE logo on it would instantly increase exposure, especially for indie stars who haven’t made a name for themselves yet.
The WWE International Championship is also a simple and effective name.
It’s probably the least likely scenario on our list, but nothing is impossible when those existing business relationships are in play. There would be far more upsides than downsides to doing something like this, but that doesn’t mean management would do it.
The 24/7 Championship has the ridiculous stipulation of the title needing to be defended at all times, so whoever holds it will never be safe. But there is an easy way to rebrand it into something similar but better.
Instead of having the title always being up for grabs, WWE could come up with a new name and then dictate that the champion must defend it every week on Raw or SmackDown. The rule could also dictate that once someone challenges for the belt and fails, they have to wait a certain amount of time before they can do it again.
This would make it the most competitive title on the roster. It could either change hands regularly to give a sense of unpredictability, or WWE could have someone go on a rampage and defend the belt against all comers for months to build them up for something bigger.
It could even switch between the main roster and NXT to keep things fresh. There are a lot of ways WWE could use a concept like this to help wrestlers who have struggled to find success without a championship around their waist.
Regardless of what happens, it’s clear WWE has no interest in using the current 24/7 Championship in any capacity. What do you think should be done with the title?
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