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To most Indians, pod hotels or capsule hotels are still a novel notion. We associate hotels with grandeur, richness, and complimentary breakfast buffets. However, as travel chances expand post-pandemic, our perception of what a hotel is evolving.
Capsule hotels, which are Japanese in origin and convenient and fuss-free, are finding a market worldwide. Though there aren’t many alternatives to pick from in India, their potential is undeniable. 
Each traveller is given their own “capsule,” a bed-sized pod tailored to their basic needs for mainly overnight visits. Additional facilities, including a television, wi-fi, plug outlets, and modest storage areas, may vary. The rooms may be significantly larger outside of Japan, but the basic principle of only a bed-sized space stays the same. Such hotels are ideally suited to business travellers (the initial ‘target audience’), backpackers, and travellers who suffer unexpected delays.
Abhimanyu Singh, a travel blogger and digital creator, says, “With advanced technologies, travel has become easier. The future is pods. They can be placed at various locations of high footfalls, places of pilgrimage, beaches, hills, monuments, hospitals for visitors, railway stations, airports, exhibition centres and many more.” 
Interestingly, millennial travellers are embracing this concept rapidly because it is still fresh and relatively new in India. Experts noticed that, apart from affordability, novelty is the main factor driving the popularity of capsule hotels.
These are a few pod hotels across the country that you can stay in on your next vacay. 
UrbanPod, Mumbai 
The first pod hotel in India is in Mumbai and caters to the new generation of tourists. The 140 pods have a unique futuristic style and come with air conditioning, a personal locker, USB connections, wi-fi, a dresser, a TV, and a complimentary breakfast. 
Where: Main Building, Railway Station, 1st Floor,  Mumbai, Maharashtra
Bedspace, Mangalore
A budget-friendly pod motel, this one is less than a kilometre from Mangalore Central Railway Station and is ideal for a quick overnight stay. The accommodation is well-kept and clean, providing every convenience you could want for a short visit and being close to stores, restaurants, and other tourist attractions.
Where: Maidan 1st Cross Rd, opp. Clock Tower, above Fathima Stores, Bhavathi, Hampankatta, Mangaluru, Karnataka
AventuraOoty, Ooty 
This pod hotel is one of a kind, resembling the letter “O.” The pods are unique in that they are nestled in the centre of Ooty’s gorgeous greenery. This is the place to go if you want to enjoy a one-of-a-kind hotel experience in India. 
Where: 356/C, South Hobart Road, Bishop Down, Fernhill, Ooty, Tamil Nadu 
Snooze At My Space, New Delhi 
Finding a place to stay between flights may be difficult and costly. Snooze At My Space provides a tranquil and cosy retreat within the chaos of the Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport. The pod, which has an air conditioner, a tiny fridge, an attached toilet and shower, a working table, a television, and wi-fi, allows one to rest and recharge before the next trip. The pods are located in the security hold area, opposite Terminal 3’s Arrival Gate No. 1 and the International Departures Pier. Pods range in terms of single or double occupancy and length of stay, with the minimum usually being three hours.
Where: Departure, Indira Gandhi International Airport Terminal 3, New Delhi
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