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Pictured are representatives of many of the food retailers in Peebles who partnered with the ACHWC on this project. From left, Bev McFarland, Bee Kay Sweets; Abby Nichols, Abby’s Place; Holly Johnson, Adams County Economic & Community Development Director and ACHWC member; Melody Stewart, Mel’s Main Street Grille; Jessica Oney, McDonald’s-Peebles; Janie Rhoads, The Greene Beanery; Debbie Ryan, Adams County Creating Healthy Communities Coordinator; and Remington Beckham and Mason Sims, representing Hometown Pizza. Kneeling: David Sowards, Peebles Giovanni’s. Look for the sign in the window and pick up a map to check out all the great information.
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Do you think that finding healthier foods is a difficult task, especially when you are wanting to eat out? Well, good news! You can find healthier options just about anywhere you go, you just have to look at the options and pick those that are better choices. When you are trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle, that doesn’t mean you can’t eat all of your favorite foods, you just need to make healthier choices and eat them in moderation. The next question may be, can I get there safely, especially if your only means of transportation is walking, biking or rolling. These were two topics the Adams County Health & Wellness Coalition (ACHWC) and a representative from the Village of Peebles discussed earlier in 2022 and are actively working to improve.
Research has shown that when people believe conditions are safe, accessible, affordable, and convenient, they are more likely to walk, bike or roll (all forms of active transportation) to locations where food resources are available. Village officials typically work to ensure that their residents can safely connect to important locations like food resources, especially those without a vehicle, so that they have safe and easy access to grocery stores, food banks, corner stores and restaurants. And the Village of Peebles is no different.
To determine any improvements that may be needed to help with this initiative in Peebles, the Active Living work group of the ACHWC completed a walking assessment, starting from the north end of Peebles and going as far south as McDonald’s. Once completed, ACHWC members met with Dan Pertuset, Peebles Village Administrator, and a plan of action was quickly put into place to improve crosswalks and install new pedestrian crossing signage along Peebles’ Main Street to bring more awareness to drivers that pedestrians and anyone who may bike or roll could be in these areas. Many of these improvements will be completed this fall with more planned for the future.
Also part of this Plan was the identification of healthier choices at food retailers in Peebles. A map was created showing every food retailer in the Village of Peebles, including restaurants, both dine in and fast food, convenient/quick marts, dollar stores and a grocery store. Often, people don’t feel that they can maintain a healthy eating plan and eat out. This may be true, to an extent, but the point of this work was to show that healthier options are available, everywhere, if you just look for them. Some of these options are included on the back of the map. We suggest you use it as a “challenge” and try the healthier choice the next time you patronize any of these locations. Look for the Healthy Living window cling at each location and ask for a map to keep handy when you are patronizing these local businesses and want to make a healthier choice. You’ll also find exciting locations for physical activity within and close to Peebles on the map, to help keep you active and moving.
A big thank you is extended to the Village of Peebles for their partnership in this initiative to improve pedestrian infrastructure and their genuine willingness to make improvements for the safety of their residents. Also, a big thank you to the food retailers in Peebles for participating and promoting healthier choices at their locations. Ask for a copy of the map the next time you visit their business,
25 Rice Drive
West Union, Ohio 45693


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