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An Apex Legends dev has revealed some crazy weapon ideas that were in development until they realized how chaotic they were.
Apex Legends has many unique weapons, but one of the devs has revealed some of the craziest weapon ideas that never made it out of development.

Apex Legends is in its fourteenth season, with many updates and new pieces of content changing the game drastically from what it was back when the BR launched in 2019.
As well as new cosmetics like Loba’s Heirloom which has been introduced as part of the Beast of Prey Collection Event in Season 14, players also love when they get a new Legend or weapon to play with.
Content such as this doesn’t come around often, with the devs spending a lot of time developing and ensuring that new weapons and Legends are balanced and fit in nicely.
In fact, we haven’t received a new weapon in a few seasons, mostly because the devs have stated that they like where the weapon meta is at the moment. With Season 15 on the way, we could get some new firepower.
During an AMA on the Apex Legends subreddit, one of the devs revealed some crazy weapons that were ultimately scrapped, giving an interesting insight into some of the creative ideas when it comes to guns in Apex Legends.
In development, the Rampage LMG would light enemies on fire and could "paint thermite" where you shot, to cover the ground in thermite. Respawn scrapped it.

Almost had a flamethrower in Apex 😐

(Reddit AMA)
We have weapons in Apex Legends that seem pretty basic and simple, like the R-301 and R-99, which both act similarly to weapons you’d see in other shooters. However, Apex also pushes the boundaries thanks to its sci-fi setting, with energy weapons like the Triple Take.
These weren’t the only outlandish ideas, however, as Senior Game Designer Eric Canavese revealed some of the crazy scrapped weapon ideas the devs have previously worked on.
One of these is a “shotgun where each of the pellets was basically a bouncy ball, you could shoot it into a room and it was pure chaos.”
Another idea was actually for the Rampage, which is currently in the game. In the current version of the Rampage, players are able to charge it up for more damage with a Thermite Grenade. During development, this mechanic was more like a flamethrower that “lit people on fire” and allowed you to “paint thermite” wherever you shot.
These ideas were ultimately scrapped, and it’s pretty clear why based on these weapons’ descriptions.
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Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment
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An Apex Legends dev has revealed some crazy weapon ideas that were in development until they realized how chaotic they…
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