Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin Voters To Get Free Food – Eat This, Not That

Election Day is tomorrow and while for most of us the process of casting a vote will take an average of 30 minutes, some of our fellow voters will spend much more time waiting in line at their polling location. To that end, one non-profit organization will come out to support them with a small but generous gesture.
Voters in several swing states can look forward to free food as they wait in lines to hit the ballots., a nonpartisan non-profit dedicated to expanding voter knowledge, is on a mission to alleviate some of the pain of standing in long lines with free drinks and snacks.
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According to People, the organization will bring food trucks to the most crowded polling locations in the key swing states of Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin, on November 8. These states have more tedious voting laws and are expected to have unreasonably long lines in high-traffic voting locations. Andrea Hailey, CEO of, described bringing food and drinks to eligible voters as “the humane thing to do” and a “natural extension” of encouraging voter participation.
“Food trucks won’t solve the problem of long lines, but hopes it will make the process of voting safer and more comfortable for thousands of voters across the country,” Hailey told People. The effort is also a small step toward fighting food insecurity in underdeveloped voting communities.
While it isn’t yet known what kinds of foods will be given out on Election Day, this isn’t the first time brought food trucks to polling locations. According to TMZ, free tacos were given out during the 2020 presidential election in crucial states like Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.
If you don’t live in one of the aforementioned four swing states, there is still a food freebie you can claim after voting. According to Krispy Kreme’s website, the brand is rewarding voters with its beloved original glazed doughnut. You can stop by the chain’s shop or drive-thru to claim your free donut after you’ve voted (although anyone can claim the freebie.)
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