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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Australian government has today, December 8, updated travel advice for its citizens who travel to Indonesia following the ratification of the revised criminal code, which bans sex outside marriage.
Earlier this week, the House of Representatives (DPR) passed a new criminal code that will apply to Indonesians and foreigners living in the country, including travelers. Under this policy, sex outside marriage will be punishable by one year in prison, and cohabitation by 6 months
“Indonesian parliament has passed revisions to its criminal code, which includes penalties for cohabitation and sex outside of marriage,” as quoted from on Thursday, December 8, 2022.
The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade also noted that Indonesia’s new penal code will take effect in the next three years.
“We need to make sure everyone is aware of this new law because the last thing we would want to see is people caught doing something that by Indonesian law they shouldn’t be doing. Even when what they’re doing is perfectly legal [in Australia],” said the Australian immigration spokesperson.
He asked Australians traveling to Indonesia to be aware of the country’s new criminal code. “Travelers, beware. Because otherwise, we could see some very unfortunate situations where we have to provide consular assistance to people who unwittingly or unknowingly do the wrong thing.”
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he Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) speaks up regarding a case of domestic violence (KDRT) against a child in South Jakarta.
Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno rebutted a rumor that Australia issued a travel warning for Indonesia after the revised criminal code was passed.
After the new Criminal Code Law enactment on December 6, 2022, Bali’s tourism sector has faced an onslaught of negative attention.
The Indonesian and Australian governments have extended their cooperation in economic management.
The idea of forming a National Criminal Code emerged more than half a century ago during the First National Law Seminar in Semarang in 1963.
Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno calls for calm amidst tourists’ fears of the recently passed Criminal Code in a press conference on Friday
Jokowi asserted issues regarding equality and mutual respect in his speech at the European Union – ASEAN Summit held in Brussels
Acting Director General of Laws and Regulations Dhahana Putra ensures that there is no overlapping rule between the new criminal code and other laws.
Human Rights Watch Asia Director Elaine Pearson considers the new Criminal Code a setback for democracy.
The process of the death penalty in the revised Criminal Code will be preceded by a 10-years imprisonment.


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