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Bahamas’ Foreign Affairs Minister cautions US legislators to stop casting aspersions on The Bahamas over FTX collapse
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SBF to be extradited, could be as soon as TODAY
JAMAICA: Consumers Urged to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse
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Ground broken for a $250 million cruise port project on Long Island in The Bahamas
JAMAICA: How To Have A Merry, Healthy Holiday Season
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Police say nothing to clear Higgs James’ name, former Officer exonerated privately
SEVEN New Officers, former members of Jamaican Constabulary Force
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SBF to be extradited, could be as soon as TODAY
Blemish on World Cup History making team; Danish station compares Moroccans to monkeys
Usain Bolt wins Lifetime Achievement Award for 2022
As predicted, China gets sicker
By Shanieka Smith
Staff Writer
#UnitedKingdom, December 22, 2010 – The new English bank notes featuring King Charles III were unveiled by The Bank of England on Tuesday. The £5, £10, £20 and £50 notes will now feature his portrait; this will be theMGrouper after party 9 only change made to the bank notes. Coins bearing the portrait of King Charles III are already being issued in post offices.
The Bank of England announced that the new bank notes will be in circulation by mid-2024.
It said the new notes will only be issued to replace worn notes to prevent any environmental or financial crises; old notes featuring the late Queen’s portrait will still be accepted in stores.
Governor of the Bank of England, Andrew Bailey, expressed how proud he was of the new designs saying it was a very important moment. The King is only the second monarch to feature on English banknotes.

Electricity costs set to decrease from January 1 in Bermuda – CARICOM Business
SEVEN New Officers, former members of Jamaican Constabulary Force

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Queen Elizabeth Saluted for 70 Years of Service in 96-gun salute in Turks & Caicos
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By Dana Malcolm 
Staff Writer 
#TheBahamas, December 22, 2022 – Disgraced FTX founder and former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried will leave the Bahamas soon, and it could be as early as today.  Bankman-Fried wants to face the criminal charges against him in his native US after agreeing to be extradited.  Several government agencies in the US have filed complaints andSam Bankman Fried criminal charges against Bankman-Fried in the wake of the collapse of his crypto company including the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Securities and Exchange Commission.
In a court hearing in The Bahamas last week, where he was initially arrested, Bankman-Fried had apparently planned to fight his extradition but did an about-face after being denied bail and spending a week in prison.  According to his attorney Jerone Roberts who spoke to local Bahamian news, the accused claimed he agreed to be extradited in an effort to ‘put his customers right’.  His extradition trial had been set for February next year but as he is now cooperating with the US, he is expected to land in his home country much sooner.
In terms of criminal charges, Bankman is facing eight counts: conspiracy to commit wire fraud which could get him as many as 20 years in jail; wire fraud which carries another 20-year max penalty; conspiracy to commitStop Flu spread 9 commodities fraud which has a 25-year max penalty; conspiracy to commit securities fraud which carries another 25 years; conspiracy to commit money laundering which carries as much as 20 years in prison; and conspiracy to defraud the Federal Election Commission and commit campaign finance violations which will slap an offender with up to 5 years.  In total, the former billionaire is facing up to 115 years in jail.
Bankman-Fried has told reporters that he did not knowingly commit fraud and never intended to do anything illegal but that excuse has been frowned upon by panelists in the recent congressional hearing where new CEO John Ray III detailed the depth of the mismanagement in the company describing it as some of the worst he had ever seen.

#TurksandCaicos, December 21, 2022 – The Turks and Caicos Islands Government wishes to announce that the second batch of payments for Tranche No. 2 of the Citizens Inflation Adjustment Stimulus, will be available for collection at the Treasury on Grand Turk and Sub-Treasuries in the other islands commencing, Wednesday, 21st December, 2022 at 10:00a.m.
Applicants should appear at the treasury/sub-treasury on the island associated with their permanent address to collect the cheque.
Approved Turks & Caicos Islander Status Card Holders and British Overseas Territory Citizens (BOTCs) will be required to provide the following when collecting a cheque:
If the beneficiary is disabled or otherwise confined to his/her home (in Turks & Caicos Islands), the Treasury will be providing a cheque delivery service to the applicant’s home; however, rendering of the service may be delayed due toIMG 20221011 WA0002 9 resource constraints during this time of the year. To receive this service, approved applicants are asked to make a written request, for the delivery of the cheque to
Please supply the applicant’s stimulus application number, telephone contact and home address.
Approved applicants are reminded that cheques will not be assigned to banks or released to anyone other than the approved applicant.
For those whose names do not appear on the lists for Batches 1 & 2, applications continue to be vetted for approval and an announcement will be made as each batch is ready for collection.
For those whose applications that remain outstanding, please note that in supplying the required information:
Cheques will be available for collection for six (6) months from the date of printing; after which all cheques will be cancelled.
The list of approved applicants can be obtained from
Cheques are available to only those persons appearing on the lists.
The public is reminded that the Tranche No. 2 only covers eligible persons, who did not receive a benefit in the preapproved distribution in August 2022.

#TheBahamas, December 20, 2022 – After eight-weeks of small business training, five innovative and creative entrepreneurs from Royal Caribbean International’s Kickstarter Programme were awarded funding following the first cohort’s final pitch competition.
The first group to go through the program focused on a wide range of tourism-based businesses, several of which are now set to shake up the way things are done within the local industry. From tour companies to rentals for travelers with young children, the ideas of the prize winners considered the many unique facets of Bahamian tourism.
One Big Nut, the startup that took home top prize is bringing fresh perspective to Nassau’s West Bay Street staple — coconut water — and making getting that healthy coconut water fix easier. Whether for sipping on its own or mixing in “gully wash”, fresh coconut water is much-loved, but not always easy to come by and worries about handling can overshadow the longing for a good gulp.One Big Nut logo
Co-founder Alex Holden said the company is bringing technology and tradition together, using state of the art equipment to hasten the process of extracting coconut water.
“At One Big Nut we are offering more than just coconut water. We are providing a safe, comfortable, and authentic cultural experience,” he said.
“You can sit down and sip while our friendly staff serves you. Our coconuts come pre-chilled, pre-drilled, and ready to drink, making them more refreshing and fun than any coconut water you could buy from the roadside or the food store.”
Crystal Campbell, director of business integration and destination development at Royal Caribbean International, helped judge the pitch competition. She said One Big Nut received the top prize after receiving the top score in all the judging categories, including innovation and impact, viability, sustainability, capacity, and overall presentation and delivery.
“Their concept reinvented the coconut vendor seen across the Bahamas,” said Campbell.
“They not only sought to create sustainable kiosks that are fun and inviting, but also simplify the process for the vendors with advanced equipment.”
Holden said he didn’t expect to win the competition, but noted that the funding will help to buy machinery and build the “giant coconut” they will operate out of. But Holden noted that the program provided more value than just the funding opportunity.
“The one-on-one tutoring was one of the most valuable parts of the program,” he said.
“Also competing against talented Bahamians with great business ideas forces you to sharpen your skills. We would recommend every Bahamian entrepreneur sign up for the program — just bring your most creative idea and don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.”
The Kickstarter Programme, which is a collaborative effort with the Small Business Development Centre (SBDC), provides entrepreneurs with learning and funding opportunities to help start their businesses.
SBDC Executive Director Samantha Rolle thanked Royal Caribbean for its ongoing partnership.
“SBDC’s partnership with Royal Caribbean Group continues to be instrumental in curating entrepreneurial funding and training programs which open doors for a variety of Bahamian businesses in the tourism industry,” she said.
The program begins with an eight-week training boot camp and culminates with a pitch competition where competitors get the opportunity to win up to $15,000 in funding for their ventures.
Baha Moments, a bespoke tour company founded by D’Asante Small, was another one of the top performers in the recent pitch competition, taking the second-place position with a prize of $10,000 in funding.
Small said she developed the idea for her business in 2020.
“In the midst of the pandemic, I developed what I believe will be a catalyst to the transformation of our tourism industry in The Bahamas,” she said.
“I was inspired to reimagine the way Bahamians access the tourism industry and the way our visitors access Bahamian experiences.”
Small said Baha Moments focuses on curating unique experiences in collaboration with vendors to ensure customers enjoy their time while receiving local perspectives and an infusion of Bahamian culture.
She said she decided to participate in the Kickstarter Program to tap into the cruise industry directly to gain insight and industry feedback, given it is a target market for her company.
Small said the program was insightful, noting it helped her finetune elements of her business plan, website and marketing plan.
“The next step for us is our digital launch, which this seed money will assist to engage influencers and launch our digital ads,” she said.
The third-place prize of $7,500 in funding was won by Lignum Vitae, a Grand Bahama-based store specializing in locally produced goods.
Owner Ariel Ferree said the idea for the store was conceived to both highlight Bahamian creators and innovators while providing sustainable shopping solutions.
“We want to make it as easy as possible for people to embrace a more eco-conscious lifestyle without even knowing it, because one of the biggest things that we can do is sourcing as many things locally as we can,” she said.
Ferree said Lignum Vitae will carry products ranging from home decor to jewelry and fashion items to locally pressed oil and more.
“It’s going to be a market and deli so people can try some of the goods as well,” she said.
Ferree said that in addition to the funding opportunity, the Kickstarter program provided her with unique networking and learning opportunities.
“Through the program, I was able to connect with some of the people, from Grand Bahama specifically,” she said.
“…A lot of them are the makers and the growers and some people I’m working with to have some of their products in Lignum Vitae.”
Tishka Moss, the owner of Traveling Tots Rentals, said she also was drawn to the program because of the learning opportunities.
“It was the education aspect that drew me to apply to the boot camp,” she said.IHC XMAS Campaign 10.5x13 AD 02 1
Moss received a $5,000 prize to help fund her business, which was started earlier this year.
Traveling Tots Rentals provides rental cribs, highchairs, strollers, car seats and other equipment needed for traveling with young children.
“It was such a hassle traveling with my young sons, and I thought about all the tourists who come to Nassau with the same issue,” said Moss.
And while she already had a steady stream of rentals before the Kickstarter program, Moss said she plans to use the funds to upgrade her website to provide a more user-friendly experience.
For Misty Johnson, who owns AmaziTours, the $5000 loan prize is a stepping stone toward a big dream.
Johnson, who is based in Freeport, said ultimately, she wants to start an amphibious tour. But she knows getting there will take time and improvising.
“In order for us to get to that, we need to do something else to raise some money,” she said.
“So, we thought of barbecue boats, which is also a unique tour.”
She said the funding will help her begin the barbecue tours, which allow groups to tour the waters of Grand Bahama and wind up on the beach for a barbeque they will always remember on the barbeque boat. “I knew I wouldn’t have been able to secure an amphibious bike with the prize money, but it’s a start for us to get the barbecue boat,” Johnson said.
Johnson thanked Royal Caribbean for the opportunity to participate the program.
“This has provided not only the opportunity to launch AMaziTours, but it has also given me a wealth of knowledge,” she said.
“Without this course, I wouldn’t be able to confidently pursue opportunities afforded to small businesses like AMaziTours.”
Photo Caption:  Alex Holden, Theo McClain and Kowaski Lindley, owners of One Big Nut, won $15,000 in funding through the Royal Caribbean Kickstarter Programme.

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