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Cats know what they want and when they want it.
For not being able to read clocks, pets sure do have a good way of knowing what time it is. LOL! They somehow always know exactly when it is time to eat. And if you're not there on time, they'll be sure to tell you. 
That's what happened for TikTok user @angusandwinnie. Her two cats named Angus and Winnie apparently made up that breakfast would be at 5 a.m. What?! That's way too early for us! And if 5:01 a.m. rolls around, all heck breaks lose. You'll see what we mean in this clip! 
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LMAO! This is too funny! And seriously, so relatable. Do all pets do this? Because ours does this every single morning! We can't stop cracking up at the text on the video that said they made up the breakfast time in their heads. TRUE! 
Yes, we know it's early to feed those cats, but TikTok users are demanding this creator do it. "FEED THE BABY GREMLINS!" commented @ninaboninanina. At least they're asking very nicely! They could be stepping all over her head to get her up. And doesn't this TikToker know by now, cats rule the house kingdom? 
So what is one to do if their cats are like this? suggested, "This is why I switched to an automatic feeder. Cats are very much routine-based creatures and having a timer set to disperse the food is helpful." That's actually brilliant! That way you can sleep in and your cats are satisfied. A win-win! 
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