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Visiting Italy in autumn? Don’t miss these activities.
Italy is known to be a perfect summer destination, but it’s great during other seasons, too, especially fall. Whether visiting the west, east, north, or south, the country has plenty of things to see and do. With splendid weather, incredible autumn views, and less bustle and hustle, there is never a better time to explore Italy. Being considered a shoulder season, travelers should stop by and enjoy the best the country has to offer without rubbing shoulders. Considering an autumn vacation in Italy? Celebrate the season with these unique activities.
Admiring autumn colors is one of the most unique things to do during the season. One of the places to catch the most incredible trees with autumn colors is Casentino National Park. This park boasts several species of plants, including maple, cherry, chestnuts, and beech, which glow in a spectacular array of warm fall colors. Interested in a city break? Why not explore the Italian countryside on a historic train, taking in some of the nation's most breathtaking landscapes? There are so many destinations in Italy to have these experiences.
Italy is recognized for having an amazing wine culture, and autumn is the perfect time to discover the beauty of its cellars and vineyards. Going on wine tours stimulates great emotions and offers thrilling experiences of a different side of the nation. There are about 140 wine routes in Italy, and Prosecco is one of the best-known roads. Situated in northern Italy, in Veneto's hilly side, this wine route covers 33 kilometers and winds through gorgeous wine villages and countryside full of beautiful vineyards. If planning to sample a few varieties, it'll be good to have a driver.
Collecting olives is a common tradition in Italian culture, and autumn is when the fruits are harvested. These fruits are an important aspect of the Mediterranean lifestyle, as the oil extracted from them is used to prepare some Italian foods. Put simply, olives are a symbol of the Italian food culture, and vacationers can participate in the harvesting and making of virgin oil from the fruits. Food buffs, especially fans of Italian cuisine, wouldn't want to miss this fantastic opportunity.
What’s a better time to immerse oneself in nature than in autumn? Italy is home to many beautiful forests, where vacationers can easily get lost in the woods, taking in the spectacular nature. Hiking is one way of immersing in the beautiful fall foliage. Plus, trees have a lot of advantages to the body and mind, so taking a walk in nature would definitely do justice to anyone. The Giants of Sila is one of the most magnificent jungles to check out in Italy.
Everyone is in love with Italian foods, and learning to prepare one of the tastiest dishes would be a great way to celebrate fall in the country. If learning to cook like a perfect chef is one's dream, then autumn would be the best time to realize that dream. The season comes with several products that feature in making authentic Italian cuisine, including olives, chestnuts, pumpkin, and mushrooms. Travelers can get engaged in the whole process of combining these products to make some of the most unique meals to surprise friends and families back home.
Autumn is white truffle hunting season, and joining the locals in the woods for one of the most unique activities is an excellent way of celebrating the season. Truffles are recognized for their sweet aroma and taste, making them an important symbol of the Italian gastronomic lifestyle. Piemonte’s northern region of Italy, especially the town of Alba, is the best place to experience white truffles at their most impressive. The region in is recognized as the truffle capital of Italy, but places like Le Marche are also worth checking out.
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While islands are known for being incredible in summer, they can be the perfect places to be in autumn as well, and Italian islands come with a different kind of charm in the season. Visiting an island gives vacationers an incredible opportunity to explore the sea, take some thermal baths, go hiking, and enjoy going on nature walks. Some of the islands to check are Ponza, Lampedusa, Asinara, Ischia, and Elba Islands. Each of the islands offers unique activities, ranging from swimming, mountain biking, hiking trails, boating, gardens, and parks.
Being the Halloween season, autumn is the perfect time to visit some of the most mysterious places, like the underground city of Naples. Here, travelers will find caves, tunnels, an ancient cemetery, and more, enough to make an autumn vacation great. Naples boasts incredible years, dating back to over 2400 years ago. If magical and sacred places are exciting, then there is no reason to miss an opportunity of exploring this gorgeous underground city.
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Italian Zoos explain why it is one of the most spectacular destinations to explore with kids, especially in autumn. With splendid weather, this is the best time to discover some of the most unique animals in Italy. If traveling in Rome, don't leave without visiting Villa Borghese, the country's most ancient zoological garden. About 1144 animals thrive in this beautiful garden, and seeing them up close is definitely an interesting fall activity that would suit an entire family.
Castles allow visitors to travel through history, and Italy is one of the best destinations to experience them. There are several fortresses spread throughout the nation, and the time to experience their most spectacular is in autumn. The atmosphere in Italian castles and historical buildings is unique, and every vacationer would enjoy the feeling. One of the castles to check out is the one in Trentino, Castello di Avio, tucked far in the hills in a hidden mind-blowing natural environment.
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