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Weight loss requires utmost consistency and discipline. However, despite many efforts, some people struggle to shed the desired kilos. “Losing weight can be difficult for some people and I have seen it with many people,” Chhavi Mittal said. This could be due to some erratic lifestyle habits that you may be unknowingly (or knowingly) practising.
Chhavi took to her YouTube channel to share a few such reasons that may be affecting your weight loss journey. “Factors such as sleep patterns, stress, disruptive eating, exercise, etc are very important during weight loss. I hope this video will help you to accelerate your weight loss,” she added. Take a look.
Sleeping pattern
This is the first culprit that disrupts our weight loss journey, she said. “If we haven’t slept well, our body’s metabolism won’t increase, no matter how much attention you pay to exercise and food. Your food won’t get digested easily and the body will start storing fat,” Chhavi explained.
Stress can create havoc on your weight loss journey. “When our stress level is increased, the cortisol level — the fight-or-flight hormone — in our body also increases. Our mind starts thinking that there’s something wrong in our body and it goes into survival mode. It stops digesting the food and starts holding on to fats. This leads to a decline in metabolism,” Chhavi said, adding that one must keep their stress levels in check for better mental and physical health.
Disruptive eating
Disruptive eating means forgetting to eat or deliberately skipping meals. This also affects your metabolism, leading to a drop in BMR (body metabolic rate). “Eating at regular intervals is very important to keep your metabolism in check. Try to carry some healthy snacks to not let your body go into starvation mode.”
Counting calories
According to the actor, the one wrong thing many of us do without realising is — counting calories. “If an apple has 50 calories and diet soda has 0, you need to still prefer an apple over the latter. Stop counting calories and start eating healthy,” she said.
To counter all these, Chhavi suggested including the following things in your routine.
Recreational activities
Watching TV or reading books or spending time with friends – it is important to spend some time with yourself and have a recreational activity.
Exercising releases happy hormones in our body, controls stress levels, increases metabolism and keeps our physical health in check. “A little bit of exercise every day is important,” she said.
Good sleeping habits
As discussed earlier, inadequate sleep can disrupt your weight loss journey. As such, it is important to form good sleeping habits and prioritise sleep.
If possible, include meditation in your routine. “Even if you don’t know how to meditate, just shut your mind and focus on breathing. Don’t think about work, children, or anything else. Sit with yourself for at least 5 minutes every day,” Chhavi suggested.
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