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Child Online Africa, a child advocacy organisation is calling for the adoption of online safety as a lifestyle.
In a statement to commemorate #NiceNetNovember, the group said such a posture will better protect users of the internet.
Since November 2015, Child Online Africa has been holding awareness and education campaign from the 1st of November through to the 30th of November with the aim of encouraging cyber hygiene dubbed Nice Net November (#NiceNetNovember).
“This initiative evolves over the years from just sharing safety tips daily to media engagements, workshops sessions, and unveiling of eSafety resources. Each year, we lookout to reach at least 5000 people with relevant eSafety tips,” the statement noted.
In line with its long-term campaign of promoting digital citizenship targeted at training and promoting young people’s (by extension the general public) responsible and ethical use of the digital platforms, COA is dedicating this year’s #NiceNetNovember to throwing a spotlight on the menace of Child betting among other vices against children.
November 2022 is set to see a surge in sporting activity especially in the world of football as the World Cup tournament kickoff is in less than 30 days.
“Ordinarily, sporting activities should present a good opportunity for purposeful recreational experience of children. However, a worrying trend of child betting and its associated illicit activities continue unabated with little or no regulation or enforcement of laws to check these,” the statement signed by its executive director, Awo Aidam Amenyah said.
Alarmed over the fact that the cyberspace is getting awash with hyper bonanzas, which have the tendency of creating fertile grounds for cyber-attacks on minors Child Online Africa is asking for the following measures to be rolled out:
“As a child-centered organization we intend to leverage on our #NiceNetNovember to create more awareness and to sustain the advocacy for putting an end to Child betting,” it concluded.
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