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Wardrobe staple for some and a way of lifestyle for others, sneakers are the scene-stealers and rulers of the footwear fashion world. Having evolved immensely over the years, the sneaker culture is like a universe in its own that has brought people from all walks of life together for their shared love for all-things-kicks.
And contributing eminently to making the sneaker landscape what it is today are brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma, Converse, Vans and many others shaping up the entire sneaker fashion industry. As their repertoires swell and flourish with avant-garde designs and fresh collaborations, so does the coveted collections of sneakerheads and collectors. Designed in distinct colourways, themes and influences that they’re inspired by, sneakers are as much a playground for experimentation as any other sphere of fashion is.
While this broad diversity of options leave us all spoilt for choices, it can also lead to uncertainty and dilemma as to which shoe to cop and which drop to wait for. And to make it easier for you to scout for sneakers to build your own collection, we’ve curated a guide for you. From a quick checklist to help you choose shoes to various options and styles available for you, this extensive guide will be your holy grail.
Building your own sneaker collection is largely based on personal preferences, style and likes. There is no one-size-fits-all formula however, there are a few things that you can consider when making your purchase.
The price range of sneakers is far too wide. From affordable styles to high-end luxury pieces that rank high on price lists, there’s a range for everyone. Hence, how much you want to splurge on your kicks must be decided upon especially, if you’re a beginner.
Considering why you need a pair and for what occasion helps narrow down the variety of options by loads. For instance, you might want to check out soft-cushioned trainers if you’re looking for a pair for the gym. Or shortlist some amazing, specifically designed running shoes for your every morning run. Are you looking for a rather casual pair for your everyday out-and-about errands or are you waiting for the limited edition drop by your favourite brand and artist?
Compromising on the quality and comfort for a style that’s trending now but might dwindle down soon is a big no. As essential as the look and the collab itself might be, comfort and durability are equally important factors to be taken into account.
The sneaker market is flooded with distinguished brands offering a wide variety in both classic and eccentric designs. It is important to have your research in check about their different aspects like ratings, reviews, price point, popularity, quality and versatility.
Oftentimes, many new releases and collaborations are surrounded by a lot of hype. Dedicated launch events and online raffles are hosted to celebrate the pair making the sneaker community go all gaga. While revelling during such times is great and a lot of fun, avoid giving in to it and buying something that you cannot afford or relate to. Instead, find your own style and build your own collection at your own pace, especially if you’re a novice learning the trade. There’s literally something for everybody and all kinds of sneakerheads out there.
When buying a branded pair, always make your purchase from official websites and offline stores of the brands, the multi-brand stores or authentic resellers. When buying limited edition pre-owned pieces, try genuine online marketplaces like StockX and others.
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Showcasing distinctive hues to various themes and designs, these sneakers for men can be teamed with both formal and casual wear.
With a myriad of renowned billion-dollar sportswear labels and boutique brands alike, branded sneakers for men have a strong footing.
If you love collecting sneakers, we’ve curated a list of Indian origin sneaker brands to help you pick your next pair of kicks.
Amp up your style game with some of the best white sneakers for men. Make your pick of the best white shoes from our list.
Sneakerheads and brands alike have always touted the importance and essence of black sneakers for men to have in their collection.
Having a fuss-free silhouette without any hassle of laces, slip-on sneakers are as easy as slipping in and out off a slider.
Lay your hands on some of the best chunky sneakers known for their oversized look, extravagant sole design and stylish detailing.
With its collar reaching just a bit above the ankle, high-top sneakers crown a sneaker collection for the way they stand out.
The Air Jordan sneakers significantly contributed to creating the sneaker culture that is today. Buy these popular kicks to amp up your style.
Puma is one of the most preferred brands when it comes to sneakers and it has a range of collections specifically curated for men.
These Adidas sneakers for men are some of the finest ever and sure to take up a huge space in the coveted collections of every sneakerhead.
Converse sneakers are the versatility of each design and how each of them resonates universally with everybody’s aesthetic.
Bata shoes for men are a mix of everything that the label is touted for — style, durability, top-notch quality, comfort and affordability.
Heineken Silver teams up with The Shoe Surgeon for Heinekicks: Shoes featuring soles that are actually filled with beer.
Discover the legacy of sneakers by Virgil Abloh, from his Off-White x Nike collaborations to his first luxury trainers for Louis Vuitton.
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Puma is looking to reduce waste in the footwear industry with the launch of a biodegradable version of the iconic Suede sneaker.
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Here’s everything the world knows so far about the upcoming florescent yellow Billie Eilish x Nike Air Jordan 1 KO kicks.
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