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UBS Offices in Frankfurt, Munich Searched by Public Prosecutor
European Banks Can Handle Interest Rate Shock, ECB’s Enria Says
BOE’s Pill Says Market Turmoil De-Anchored Inflation Outlook
Retailers in the US Push Big Holiday Discounts to Ease Inventory Avalanche
Nagel Says ECB Must Continue Rate Hikes Even If It Hurts Growth
Grab-Singtel Digibank Executive Reuben Lai to Depart Venture
Retailers in the US Push Big Holiday Discounts to Ease Inventory Avalanche
Grab-Singtel Digibank Executive Reuben Lai to Depart Venture
Nvidia to Sell New Chip in China It Says Meets US Export Ban
Nintendo Cuts Switch Sales Forecast After Chips Shortage
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World Cup Ambassador From Qatar Denounces Homosexuality
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Korea Urges More ESG Focus on Women to Address Fertility Crisis
Adidas, Nike Must Pick Up the Pieces After Antisemitism Ruins Deals
Democrats Supercharged EV Investment While They Had the Chance
Kuwait Aims to Reach Carbon Neutrality in Oil and Gas by 2050
Here Are the Most Consequential State and Local Ballot Measures
NYC Kids Are Still Leaving Public Schools in Pandemic-Fueled Exodus
Why Georgia Is Keeping Such a Close Watch on Atlanta’s Elections
What’s the Howey Test and Why Does It Matter In Crypto?
Kim Kardashian Poised to Beat Investor Suit Over Crypto Hype
Formula One Sponsorships From Crypto Firms Dwindle With Downturn
In the first seven months of 2020, as the Covid-19 pandemic brought America to its knees, sales at survivalist supplier Augason Farms surged, tripling its annual revenue. The company couldn’t make its mylar packages of long-storage comfort foods — powdered eggs and nut butters, freeze-dried stroganoffs, casseroles and lasagnas — fast enough.
To meet the demand, founder Mark Augason simplified his production, knocking his 60 products down to the core best sellers and cutting off dozens of distributors so he could funnel his sales largely through Walmart Inc. and Inc. “It was like my Super Bowl — it was finally here,” Augason told me. And it hasn’t yet ended.


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