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Recently, Minecraft streamer GeorgeNotFound canonically killed Technoblade and Dream on Dream SMP. Yesterday, he did a rare stream on his Twitch channel where he played on the server and chaotically tried to take over the whole server.
GeorgeNotFound is one of the closest and most faithful friends of Dream on and off the Minecraft server. However, in the latest story arc, he tried to take over the entire server and destroy everything on it.
George even laughed when he chased Technoblade around the area. He called out the latter at the 2:01 mark in the stream clip and said:
Being the server owner, Dream stepped up and tried to stop him with the help of Techno, but failed miserably. Both were killed by George on his stream.
As he was roaming on the Minecraft server and destroying things, GeorgeNotFound was soon confronted by two of the most dangerous players on the server, Dream and Technoblade. He was surprised by both teaming up to stop him.
Dream and Technoblade threatened to stop destroying the whole server and stand down. George also went on to give a speech about how Dream betrayed him and convinced him to go against Kinoko Kingdom (Nation built by Karl Jacobs).
As they talked, George suddenly started attacking both of them, and the fight started. First, he targeted Techno and started chasing him around the area. Techno tried to attack George with a rocket crossbow, but he himself accidentally took damage from it.
Further, GeorgeNotFound said this at the 2:11 mark:
Dream, with all his strength, tried to catch George and stop him, but he kept attacking Techno who was now at half a heart of health. He frantically stated that it was his last canon life while running away from George.
He finally caught up to Techno and killed him, which led to loads of TNT and Ender pearls getting dropped from his body. Both George and Dream were shocked at his death.
After this, Dream got extremely angry and kept attacking George. However, George picked up all the TNT and started exploding the main area of the server. Dream was unable to kill George as he was too powerful.
In the end, they both fought and George killed him as well. He estatically screamed in joy as he had killed the two strongest players on the server simultaneously.
After this, GeorgeNotFound took the TNT and other valuable items and went on to destroy the Minecraft server. Later on, he also entered the End realm to kill the Ender Dragon in Minecraft.
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