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Most of us look forward to the holiday season. Reconnecting with family, enjoying some well-deserved rest and indulging in wholesome homemade meals is all we want. But if you work in cybersecurity you know that this season is prime time for cyber attacks. Not to dig up old wounds, but remember Log4j from last year?
We want you to enjoy this time of the year the way it’s meant to be. And what better way to relieve your stress than with a refreshing beverage? So here’s a list of five cybersecurity inspired drinks for you to enjoy this holiday season.
Some malicious state actors are hard to stop, but when you’re wondering how to combat these attacks, do it with a White Russian in your hand. While the rest of the threat mitigations are hard to manage, you can take comfort in knowing that at least one Russian is totally under your control!
White Russian
In the unfortunate incident that you happen to be affected by a data breach, you are sure to be hit by a storm of vulnerabilities. While this incident would most certainly rock you like a hurricane, you might as well lean into the experience with a delicious concoction of rum and citrus!
Trickery has been a part of society since forever. In the early days they were called pranks and now we call it phishing! Recent history is proof that this season is prime time for phishing attacks. So while you sort through all the phishing attempts made towards your organization, what better drink to enjoy than Tom Collins – a drink that came to be purely because of trickery:
It’s 19th century New York, a middle aged man rides in on his horse and stops for a quick break under the shaded canopy of a tavern. A young man walks out of the bar and says, “Hey! That Tom Collins fellow has been talking smack about you all day, are you here to show him his place?”. Shocked at this new information the middle aged man says “I don’t know a Tom Collins. What’s his beef with me?”. The young man further informs him that Tom Collins has been talking some serious trash about him, and while he’s not sure of his current whereabouts, he was last seen inside that very bar.
Prepared to punch Tom Collins the man pulls up his sleeves and heads into the bar, goes straight to the bartender and asks, “Where’s Tom Collins? I want to see him right away!”
Straight-faced, the bartender simply nods, holds up his index finger in a “just a minute” gesture. He grabs a glass and starts mixing gin, lemon juice, soda water and some simple syrup. The man looks around in disbelief as the bartender slides the drink in front of him. “That”, he says, pointing at the cocktail, “is Tom Collins”. He hands the man a receipt and walks away, and the bar erupts in uproarious laughter.
The man was stuck being pranked and having to pay the bill.
Tom Collins
Signature-based attacks are very ‘old school’. When your antivirus detects malicious activity and you combat this signature based attack successfully, celebrate a classic cybersecurity moment with a class drink – an Old Fashioned! Take a breather from worrying about more sophisticated modern attacks.
Old Fashioned
We realize cybersecurity isn’t an easy task. The next time you are buried under a hundred critical vulnerabilities take a mental trip to the beach. Enjoy a Tequila Sunrise and feel the sand between your toes!
Tequila Sunrise

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