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Black mould in bathrooms can be caused by steam which is unable to escape the room. The steam condenses onto cooler surfaces like tiles and walls and in between grout. This then causes black mould to grow.
Black mould can be harmful to people’s health. It can cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions, watery, itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing and a runny nose.
With this in mind, fans of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, have shared their simple solution for getting rid of black mould from bathrooms.
The cleaning and lifestyle influencer has more than 4.5 million followers on Instagram and often shares her garden and home tips online.
Facebook user Liz Poultney asked Mrs Hinch fans: “My son is in university accommodation and has mould along the edges of his tiny, unventilated bathroom (mainly on the silicone).
“Any tips for safely treating the mould without damaging our health as there are no windows to open? Thanks.”
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how to remove black mould bathrooms
The post was inundated with a plethora of comments from fellow cleaning enthusiasts, however, the most popular response was to use HG Mould Remover Spray.
Allana McCash replied: “HG mould spray is amazing for this.”
Laura Catley commented: “HG spray 100 percent. “Recommended to us by someone who runs a dampcure company and it works wonders.”
Suzanne Sargent Wong said: “HG mould remover.” Mauritia Fall replied: “Yes any mould spray.”
Delilah Russo said “it’s worth paying the extra” for HG Mould Spray.
She added: “Got rid of loads of black mould marks when I moved into my new house.”
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Allana McCash agreed and replied: “It’s really good, don’t need to scrub either.”
HG Mould Spray can be bought online, from hardware stores or from local supermarkets.
HG Mould Remover Spray costs £6.99 from Lakeland for 500ml.
HG Mould Spray costs £5.25 from Tesco for 500ml. HG Mould Spray costs £5 from Wickes.
Other suggestions for removing the black mould include Cillit Bang Mould remover, Kilrock spray or any other mould and mildew spray.
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Rhian Harber said: “Cillit Bang black mould spray. Wipe on with a sponge, leave for half an hour and wipe.
“Also, invest in an electric dehumidifier and it’ll remove moisture from the air, ventilate it and keep the air dry.
“Run just for say an hour a day. Don’t bother with mini window ones as there’s no window for ventilation.
“You’ll need an electric one to keep on top of the damp air. Assuming there’s a plug outside the bathroom that can be used.”
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Jayne Britton wrote: “I know that bleach isn’t supposed to work. I tackled a similar issue in my grandparent’s bathroom.
“I used Kilrock spray and it is yet to return. I would also maybe buy those mini dehumidifiers for the future.”
Spencer Tracy commented: “Any mould and mildew spray. I use Kilrock in a black bottle then get him a portable dehumidifier for room. It will absorb water out of the air.”
Jeanette Frances suggested: “Mould and mildew removing spray. Astonish and HG do good ones. Spray and leave a while, then rinse off.”
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