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The Former Chief Executive of Formula 1, Bernie Ecclestone, is now on a very different path in his life, that steers away from the life of speed. Going in the complete opposite direction from chaos, Ecclestone has settled for a rather calmer life as a coffee farmer in the lands of Brazil.
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The $3.3 billion worth, Bernie Ecclestone and his third wife, Fabiana Ecclestone, have been actively tending to their beloved 500-acre coffee plantation named the Fazenda Ycatu-‘Farm of Abundant Water’ when translated to English. The place derives its name due to the abundant mineral springs in the Sierra de Cantareira mountains.
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The coffee from these plantations is exquisite as they are silky in texture and have low acid levels. During the Great Depression, Brazil faced hardships and the coffee plantations faced an abrupt crash. However, Bernie and his Brazilian wife have been responsible for restarting the coffee economy of Sao Paolo.
The happy couple invested their time and money in replenishing the resources and tending to the land in order to restore its fertility. All their efforts turned out to be a big success. In fact, the couple has been growing their “Celebrity Coffee” brand with much gravitas over the past decade.
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Ecclestone’s life has been a roller coaster, being an important entity in the F1 world. Therefore, a new venture may be on the horizon.
In an attempt to document the life of the former driver and the ultimate F1 boss, a new documentary series named ‘Lucky’ is set to release soon. The documentary will solely focus on Bernie Ecclestone’s F1 life that began in the 1950s- the ups, the downs- and everything in between.
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The producer of ‘Senna’ released in the year of 2010, Manish Pandey, is said to be directing the entire series.
Eccleston is extremely happy about Pandey navigating the series, as he believes that no one else would manage to do justice to his life. In an interview, he said, “I would not have made this documentary — and I hate that word — with anyone else.” The new series will be available on Discovery+ Channel on December 27th.
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Bernie Ecclestone has initiated agriculture norms, as well as created employment for many for his coffee plantations. The F1 man has achieved a lot over the years and continues to do so, going forward. Many are looking forward to seeing what else he would bring to the table, whilst others eagerly anticipate the former F1 boss’s docu-series.
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