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Can there ever be a Halloween edition of Furry Friday? Believe me, I’ve thought about it. But it won’t work, for a very good reason.
As a rule, our pets aren’t, you know, frightening. Oh sure, if they yawn or pant or yowl they can be made to look menacing for the shred of a second that a photo captures. Or they can be made to look as though they’re singing.
But generally our pets are gentle and peaceful – treats, not tricks. So here instead of frights is a low-key Melloween edition, featuring dogs who are all soulful saints. Scroll and enjoy!
Thanks to all for submitting photos. Please email me your own pet photos, or message me via the Four Legs Good Facebook page. Help keep Furry Friday free of embarrassing mistakes by remembering to include your pet’s name, and its sex if it’s not obvious!
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