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Everyone around me loves to garden. Me: I couldn't keep the most hardy plant alive if I tried. So my attempt to contribute to the gardening chats that happen around me is to buy my green-thumbed friends gardening gifts – and what I've learnt is that there are plenty of unique ideas, if you know where to look.
From a new pair of gloves, cute self-watering globes or something more home-y like mugs, socks and macramé pot hangers, no matter their garden, big or small, indoors or out, treat them to these super specific gifts.
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The perfect pair for the garden guru who likes to wear their love for gardening on their feet…
Sleek and subtle, this terrarium doesn't come with plants but you can add your own to really go the extra mile. The size and shape makes it perfect for moss, ferns and succulents. If those aren't to their aesthetic, then some candles work well, and look lovely too.
Too many pot plants and no room to put them? These woven hanging holders are your solution.
For the cheeky gardener in your life – lighten their mood with every brew.
Featuring many outdoor sceneries like ponds, pathways, bridges, decks, and oh, so many plants, it's a great way to relax.
This watercolour flower bed quilt set is perfect for a queen sized bed and a tired flower enthusiast.
Each towel has a simple and cute design that will brighten up the kitchen, and replace those faded, sauce-stained towels you've been using to death.
If they're growing pretty flowers this trio will be a nice way to display their pride and joy.
Whether you're collecting flower cuttings or picking from your edible garden this wicker basket is a must-have. It can also be used as storage – if you've grown too many fruits and veggies to know where to keep them.
The perfect present for those who are notoriously bad at keeping their plants alive (like me) is these self-watering planter pots. Featuring a uniquely crafted bulit-in watering mechanism that keeps your plants regularly hydrated, it only requires a top up a couple of times a week.
A Plant for Every Day of the Year, author Philip Clayton has spent over 20 years with the Royal Horticultural Society in London perfecting his craft and now explains day-by-day which plants work best when.
A funny little additional to the garden around your swimming pool, this guy is made for the classic Aussie backyard. 
So cute people will be asking "hoo gave them to you?"
An experienced gardener knows the tools they need to maintain their garden just the way they like. But that doesn't mean they can't use an upgrade!
It's not easy having a garden inside. The lack of natural light can be detrimental and make your plants a little lackluster. The alternative? An LED light hydroponics germination kit.
Designed for growing herbs, the iDOO system gives all the light and nourishment they need to flourish with an in-built water and air circulation system. So no matter what the weather outdoors, their herbs will have the perfect environment to grow all year round.
Really hit the spot with this very 'direct' watering can.
Fill these three self-watering bird globes up, wrap the spout with a cloth, insert them into your pot plant, and let the watering begin. It's a no-fuss watering solution that can last days without refilling.
Attract all the birds in your neighbourhood with this one-litre sized feeder.
The roots are the most important part of a plant – the healthier they are, the better they will grow. Watch your plants thrive with a clear view of the roots in this glass bulb terrarium. Perfect for growing herbs, sunflowers, gerberas and bamboo, with three bulbs included you can mix and match your favourites.
These ceramic conch shell pots are great for succulents and add a beachy vibe to your home.
A cute little set for your giftee to enjoy while admiring their hard work.
Show the kids some proof that fairies do exist with this solar-powered lantern featuring a 'real' fairy.
Love the look of a wind chime but get annoyed by the constant loud noise? This wind spinner is pleasant to look at and won't cause any headaches for you or your neighbours.
Gardening is dirty work. Thorns stabbing you, mulch and soil under your fingernails, the process isn't pretty. This hand cleansing kit is a wonderful solution. With citrus scents, these will soothe your hands with essential oils.
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