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GLENDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — A Glendale family is celebrating this holiday season. Their loved one is finally home after spending months behind bars in Mexico. Ira Beavers was jailed for having a gun in his car.
Having a gun or even one round of ammunition could get you up to five years in prison in Mexico, even if you have it accidentally. “I want everyone to understand that they need to be hyper-vigilant. It’s just a nightmare. My husband is not a felon in the U.S., but he’s a felon in Mexico. It’s just wild,” said Francine Nicholson, Beavers’ wife.
Beavers and his family were coming home from Rocky Point, Mexico, in October 2021 when their car was randomly selected for a search, and police found Beavers’ handgun. “It’s my personal gun. I always took it with me no matter where I was going. I never shot that gun. I just had it for protection for my family if I needed it,” Beavers said.
He thought he’d have to pay a hefty fine and be on his way. “We didn’t really think it was as serious as it was. You know, because guns are culture here,” Nicholson said.
That was not the case. “It was explained to me that first offenders don’t get more than four years. Four years or less,” Beavers explained.
Beavers soon believed he would spend years behind bars. Thankfully with the help of a few attorneys, it was much less. “I was there for seven months and six days,” he said.
But that doesn’t take away from the trauma he and his family experienced. All caused by what Beavers’ says was an accident. “A week prior to me getting released, my mother passed away. I didn’t know that that happened until I got out,” he said.
Now the family is trying to warn others, especially as people travel south for the holidays. “This can literally destroy you. It’s still hard to process,” he said.
The Beavers say another Valley family is also struggling with this situation. They told Arizona’s Family they connected with the father of Drew Harrison, who has spent the past seven months behind bars in Mexico for having a firearm in his car. The Harrison family has set up a GoFundMe to help get Drew home.
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