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All international travel may proceed using standard procedures in the CUNY International Travel Guidelines. See below for important exceptions for certain types of international travel that require advance clearance.

This limited requirement replaces the general petition to travel requirement that was more broadly applied during an earlier phase of the pandemic.  This represents a return to pre-pandemic travel procedures, with enhancements to ensure that COVID-19 conditions are considered.
Under the CUNY International Travel Guidelines, travel to destinations that meet specific thresholds under the Department of State travel advisories and/or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Travel Health Notices (THNs) is not permitted, and a waiver must be approved before financial or other commitments to travel are made (see details below).
This applies to any CUNY-sponsored travel including one or more students (undergraduate or graduate).  Faculty and staff traveling without students are not required to obtain a waiver, but must inform their department chair/supervisor and if an elevated advisory or warning is present, must submit the Release Agreement for Activities in a Destination Under a Travel Warning. They are also encouraged to obtain appropriate travel insurance and to register with CUNY-GO and the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). They can obtain more information from their campus international education liaison.
This represents a return to pre-pandemic travel procedures, with enhancements to ensure that COVID-19 conditions are considered. Other requirements for internships, clinical placements, athletics, and study abroad or student organization travel continue to apply, and if these involve travel to a destination that meets at least one of the conditions above and involve one or more students, an approved waiver is also required. Petitions for group travel (e.g. a CUNY study abroad program, student organization trip) to a destination under a travel warning should be prepared by the campus official coordinating the trip.
Since COVID-19 continues to remain a disruptive force, all travelers, regardless of destination or purpose of travel, should review their plans to ensure that appropriate precautions are taken to protect themselves, their host community, and their home campus and households upon return. Travel under non-CUNY auspices is not subject to CUNY policy, but remains subject to CDC guidance and requirements. Consult CDC guidance on domestic and international travel before each trip to ensure you are working with complete and current information.
Petitions must be submitted to Central Office at  It will be be reviewed by OAA and OEHSRM, which will issue a recommendation to the Responsible Executive Officer (REO) at your campus.  (The REO is the Chief Academic Officer at most campuses, and the Vice President for Student Affairs at the Graduate Center).  The final decision is made at the campus.
Petitions should be handled according to the policy in place at the time the petition normally would have been processed.  If a petition was not eligible at that time, it will not be considered now under the revised standards.
Colleges may (but are not obligated) consider retroactive petitions under the standards and processes in place at the time when a petition normally should have been submitted.  Since the petition form has been revised to reflect current policy, retroactive petitions for travel that should have been considered from 7/21/2021 to 3/14/2022 should use this form, and retroactive petitions for travel that should have been considered from 3/15-6/30/2022 should use this form.  Applicable policy during these periods is reflected in each form.
CUNY-sponsored study abroad programs are approved for relaunch through a separate process, and if the destination meets any of the criteria above, the campus program sponsor must also submit a Travel Warning Waiver Petition.
Individual participation in a non-CUNY sponsored study abroad program must be coordinated in advance through your campus study abroad office. If the destination meets any of the criteria above, the student must also submit a Travel Warning Waiver Petition to Central Office.
All participants in CUNY-sponsored study abroad programs must meet CUNY’s requirements for on-campus study.  CUNY’s current COVID-19 vaccination requirements are available here.  These apply to all participants, even if they are normally enrolled at a non-CUNY institution.  Medical exemptions and religious exceptions issued by a non-CUNY home institution will be considered where appropriate, but the final decision is at the discretion of the campus in consultation with its LAV.  However, all participants (including program directors) of faculty-led study abroad programs must provide CUNYFirst verification of vaccination. 
Study abroad offices must verify applicants’ vaccination status by working with the campus LVA and/or requiring a screenshot of CUNYFirst verification of vaccination or medical exemption or religious exception (with date of birth redacted if visible) or equivalent documentation from the home institution where appropriate.   
Although CUNY’s COVID-19 vaccination requirement specifies “full vaccination”, students and faculty planning travel abroad are urged to ensure they are “up-to-date” with the COVID-19 vaccination series.  Furthermore, in light of outbreaks in the U.S. and abroad of other diseases that depend on widespread vaccination for containment (e.g. measles, polio), all travelers are encouraged to consult a medical professional about their overall vaccine status before departure. Campus study abroad offices may require documentation of specific vaccines in order to ensure compliance with host country or institution requirements, CDC advice for travelers to specific destinations, and/or to minimize health-related disruptions to group programming. 
International Travel Warning Waiver Petition Form
See details at left to determine if you are required to petition to travel.


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