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When it comes to eating healthy, the reality is, it’s always easier said than done. We could be right on track with a consistent lean diet and one bad day or slightest life inconvenience can lead us right into our nearest fast food restaurant. 
Unhealthy eating habits have become somewhat of a safety clutch for some, and it takes serious discipline, focus and pure dedication to break the cycle and recreate new healthy eating patterns. 
As we continue the Essence & Smartwater Live Challenge, producer/host Sharí Nycole sat down with nutrition coach Shy Lovell to talk all about breaking those cycles and taking the necessary steps to living the healthiest version of ourselves. 
Here are some key takeaways to get you on a consistent path to a healthy lifestyle. 
Create a Food Journal
The first step to changing your unhealthy patterns is writing it down. Write down your current habits and write out a weekly food plan you can commit to. It’s much easier to follow a written weekly guide and meal prep plan than aimlessly wonder about your meals every few hours. 
Set Up a Weekly Workout Routine 
Whether a couple days a week or just a few hours, make sure you’re scheduling a set time every week to workout. You want your body to get used to the routines to make it easier for you to commit to in the long run. 
Monitor Your Progress with Photos
While you’re busy plotting, strategizing and working out consistently, it’s easy to feel like your efforts aren’t working. Take progress photos throughout the journey so you can visually see just how far you’ve come. 
Stay Hydrated 
Drink your water! It’s important for our bodies to get the proper amount of hydration for us to function our absolute best. Make sure you’re drinking water every single day and cutting out those sugary substitutes. 
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