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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) – MyFlight Tours has brought the first helicopter tour company to Knoxville. The company has locations throughout the U.S., including one in the Smoky Mountains.
Daniel Powell is a pilot for the company who said it’s a unique opportunity to bring this service to Knoxville.
″Just for people that live in this area especially that have maybe never been in a helicopter or have maybe seen their city from the air. It’s just a really cool way to get a new perspective on the city as well as just a really cool experience of flying in a helicopter,” Powell said.
MyFlight offers three tours for people. The shortest one is a trip where you’ll see parts of downtown Knoxville. The most expensive package shows people downtown, UT’s campus and parts of west Knoxville. Powell said the people make his job fun.
″I really just enjoy seeing the look on people’s faces because every single time I just see that excitement, especially for people that have never been in a helicopter before,” Powell said.
People are asked to bring a valid ID and tickets before taking flight at the Downtown Island Airport. Guests should get there 10-15 minutes before their trip to take the safety briefing course. The pilot and flight crew help buckle in all passengers and close the doors for guests.
All of their pilots are FAA commercially certified with each of them continuing to train throughout the year, according to MyFlight.
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