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While the TechCrunch crew enjoys a tweet and a post from time to time, we also enjoy reading longer-form materials. So much so that we are compiling a year-end revue of our favorite reads.
This is not just a list of serious business books or just fiction that was published this year.
Instead, we have put together a list of just our favorite stuff that we read this year. Some of it won’t surprise; I hope that some of it does — but given how literate the average TechCrunch reader is, perhaps I will be contentedly disappointed.
The following list is in no particular order. And while we may earn a dollar or two off of commissions if you buy one of the books below, we’re not doing this for the money. We just love books, and reading, and want to share some of our joy with you. (TechCrunch also has lists of recommendations from founders and venture investors coming later this month!)
Hugs, happy holidays and may your 2023 reading crop be fruitful.
This article contains links to affiliate partners where available. When you buy through these links, TechCrunch may earn an affiliate commission.
Each recommender’s books are grouped, links go to Amazon. Summaries are via the TechCruncher in question, at times lightly edited for clarity and format.
From Harri: “Both my picks are rereads that gently address existential spirals with reassurance, through self love in the case of ‘You Are Here’, and through writing in the case of ‘Writing Down the Bones.’”
Anna did not provide commentary on her picks, so I have decided that the way to Be Good is to spend Four Thousand Weeks each year having a Very British Christmas.


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