Heritage Community Clinic to hold food pantry on Dec. 18 – Ohio University

The Heritage Community Clinic will hold its first community food pantry at 16 West Green Drive in Athens on Sunday, Dec. 18, from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
As the holidays approach, the Heritage Community Clinic and the Southeast Ohio Food Bank will distribute food to ensure that those in need — especially children who rely on school lunch plans — do not go hungry over winter break. Staff, students and volunteers from Community Health Programs will be assisting with the event. Participants must meet eligibility guidelines, including that they must meet 200 percent of the federal poverty guidelines based on household size.
Though the Heritage Community Clinic has a long history of providing essential services to the community, this is their first time working as a food pantry. The clinic is well-known in southeastern Ohio for developing and delivering quality medical and health care services for children and adults in the region. It offers a free medical clinic to adults, free women’s health screenings, free immunizations to children who qualify, as well as low-cost immunizations for adults. Their services are aimed at addressing unmet health care needs and are often geared toward clients and patients who lack adequate medical and health care alternatives.
The Southeast Ohio Foodbank is a long-established food pantry with over a 50-year history in southeast Ohio. They are committed to alleviating hunger for the food insecure in the region.
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