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Attracted to the way Rachel Dunham punctuates spaces with pops of color, the owners of this Lexington home called her to redesign their living room. “They’re a fun family with good energy who want their spaces to feel happy,” Dunham says. That’s not to say they wanted a color explosion. Rather, they preferred a neutral foundation with bold accents. Determining that the large expanse of windows needed draperies to dress it up, Dunham presented them with dramatic fabric options. “The rest of house has lively color and pattern, so I knew they wouldn’t shy away from this modern floral,” she says.
1 Thibaut throw pillows add a layer of color and pattern. “When I mix patterns, I use different motifs,” Dunham says. “This is a geometric while the drapes are a floral.”
2 The Gus Modern walnut table bridges the base of the sofa and frames of the chairs. As for its profile, Dunham says, “It needed to be long, and I wanted it low to the ground to keep the room open.” The woven African basket is from Abroad Modern in Cambridge.
3 Dunham chose emerald green webbing for the Risom lounge chairs from Lekker Home. “I didn’t want the room to be super heavy and dark on one side,” she says. “The green balances the drapery.”
4 A Moroccan-inspired wool rug from Annie Selke and a sofa with a curved back provided the neutral base.
5 The Betsy Textiles drapery fabric from Studio 534 inspired the room’s color palette. “I could have started with a great chair fabric, but my initial instinct was for the drapes to be the wow factor,” she says.
6 Dunham added a vintage table lamp from the owner’s grandparents and a Visual Comfort floor lamp with a white plaster finish. “The yellow lamp was in their office getting no love, so we moved it in here,” she says.
Marni Elyse Katz is a contributing editor to the Globe Magazine. Follow her on Instagram @StyleCarrot. Send comments to
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