How Celonis Process Sphere, Business Miner, and Workforce Productivity Deliver Critical Integration – Acceleration Economy

In Episode 1 of the Acceleration Economy Minute, Kieron Allen is reporting live from Day 1 of Celosphere 2022 and explains how the new Celonis products address the key theme of critical integration.
This episode is sponsored by Celonis, the market leader in process mining and execution management. Join the world’s top 2,000 process fanatics and learn to fix process inefficiencies at Celosphere, the company’s annual conference which is being held November 9th and 10th in Munich, Germany. Sign up to watch the free virtual Celosphere 2022 live stream here.
00:20 — Day 1 of Celosphere 2022 kicked off with an opening keynote from co-CEO Alex Rinke. During his keynote, Rinke, alongside other executive members, unveiled three new Celonis products:
00:50 — At Celosphere, a leading theme that arose from the product announcements, and was echoed in following sessions, was critical integration. This sentiment was championed by various Celonis customers throughout the day, especially by the supermarket chain, ALDI SOUTH, that is using Celonis technology to address supply chain inefficiencies.
01:34 — Each of the Celonis products that were revealed during the opening keynote provides a critical service that leads to companies saving millions of dollars and creates immense value.
01:58 — Celonis technologies are critical because they address problems in business processes that business leaders may not have known were there. This idea can be translated into a blueprint for companies within an acceleration economy because it requires them to look at the crucial elements of their technology stack that are required to achieve a goal.
02:28 — Business goals should be about leveraging technology, as technology increasingly becomes an integral part of business structure. Accessible and simple technology has prompted a cultural shift, in which the ultimate goal is focused on making technology the process and not just the path to achieving it.

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Acceleration Economy Minute Host
Kieron Allen is an Acceleration Economy Analyst examining the innovation, opportunity and future impact of the Metaverse on culture, work, social engagement, vertical industries, the customer and more. With a passion for understanding how the virtual and physical worlds bridge through the metaverse, Allen focuses on the platforms, applications, people and ideas that will mold our digital future. After serving as the Online Editor for BBC Sky at Night Magazine and as the Editorial Assistant for BBC Focus Magazine, Kieron became a freelance journalist in 2015 where his focus on the business technology market became a key passion. Kieron partners with technology start-ups and organizations that share his interests in science, social affairs, non-profit work, fashion and the arts.
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