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Sister Wives star Robyn lives the most lavish lifestyle compared to other wives. Janelle & Meri revealed how they funded Robyn’s opulent lifestyle.
Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is the favorite wife among all other wives of Kody Brown, as she lives a lavish lifestyle that appears to be supported by the other wives. Robyn is the fourth wife of Kody, whom she shared with Janelle, Meri, and Christine Brown. Kody was always partial to his other wives when it came to Robyn. Being the only legally wedded wife, Robyn enjoys the perks of a lavish lifestyle that was financed by the other women.
However, Robyn's lifestyle will no longer be paid for by her Sister Wives as they have all left Kody now. Christine announced that she and Kody were divorcing in November after 27 years together. She finally had enough of Kody and was ready to move on. Janelle and Meri Brown followed in Christine's footsteps earlier this week. Janelle Brown revealed that she and Kody are separated, while Meri confirmed that she and Kody are over after three decades of marriage. It seems Kody and Robyn will have to find new ways to fund their lifestyle.
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In an episode from Sister Wives season 17, Janelle and Meri spilled the tea about how they have been financing Robyn’s lavish lifestyle for years. In episode 17, Janelle was discussing her plans to build her home on the Brown family's Coyote Pass property. Janelle appeared angry at Kody, as he wanted her to buy Christine’s house as an investment property. However, Janelle didn't want to buy Christine’s property; she wants to invest her money in building her home in Coyote Pass. In frustration, Janelle admitted to financing Robyn’s Flagstaff home from the profits she earned from selling her home in Las Vegas. Not only Janelle but Meri also helped Robyn with money.
Robyn relishes being the favorite wife as she has her own house, has a nanny to take care of her kids, and is financially secure as she is the only one legally married to Kody. Robyn has never contributed to the Brown family financially, and her former Sister Wives took notice of her lack of contribution. Janelle and Meri assisted Robyn in buying her $900,000 home, but she never appreciated them for helping her financially.
Robyn is currently enjoying her time living in her Flagstaff mansion, while Janelle and Meri are still renting and waiting to build their dream family home in Coyote Pass. It seems unfair that Kody helped Robyn to get her own house, whereas he left Janelle struggling when she was without a home of her. Kody’s favoritism has destroyed the Brown clan, which is clear by his other three wives leaving him within one year.
It appears Robyn’s lavish lifestyle has drained a huge chunk of the Brown family’s income. Sister Wives fans are frustrated over how Kody’s other wives funding Robyn’s spending. Viewers are hoping now that Janelle and Meri have left Kody, they no longer have to help Robyn pay for anything. By Kody not treating his wives equally, a majority of them decided to leave him a one-woman man.
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