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When it comes to artists, their art reflects their experiences. Creativity is a well that keeps on refilling the more you use it up and therefore a lot of experiences that artists go through, heavily inform their art. From a fashion designer, a chef and food blogger, to an illustrator, and a writer- what informs the creations of these artists? Travelling for sure falls into one of the top categories.
Pallavi Yadav- Fashion Designer & Co-Founder, WeAreLableless- Besides being a fashion designer and one of the founders of New Delhi-based slow fashion hub WeAreLableless, Pallavi is a fierce advocate for ethical fashion. Her brand produces upcycled, everyday wear carefully designed by working closely with design clusters and in turn uplifting traditional crafts & textiles. “With every travel experience comes a different learning. Everywhere I have travelled I have picked up a bit of its culture with me,” says Pallavi while adding that unlearning and learning about sustainability is a process that is intertwined with travel.
Green travel tip- “For all the makeup lovers, replace your cotton pads for the reusable makeup removing pads. It’s a real blessing.”
Archit Agarwal- Chef & Blogger- He is a marketing professional turned food blogger who has an envious following on Instagram where he blogs about his delectable creations made from scratch with locally sourced ingredients. Archit Agarwal, a TEDx speaker, aims to create recipes that are global in their appeal, but local in terms of the raw materials. By tapping into local ingredients, he wishes to make his creations more accessible to his audience. He introspects that while you can sometimes select flights with the most diminutive carbon footprint, sometimes there just isn’t a choice. “From a food perspective, I love cooking in new cities. If the trip is long enough, I usually visit local grocery stores and get ingredients instead of eating out for every meal of the day,” he adds.
Green travel tip- “Some conscious habits that I follow primarily focus on how I travel and where or how I eat. I always find out where residents like to eat and choose places that aren’t large restaurants but smaller ones. They tend to be a lot fresher and locally sourced.”
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Dr. Leema Dhar- Novelist, Poet & Motivational Speaker- She published her first anthology of poems in Hindi while she was in the ninth standard, following it with an anthology of poems in English when she was sixteen. “Social consciousness and writing go hand in hand.” She says, talking about her habits as a traveller. Dhar incorporates her travel experiences heavily in her works with her characters drawing their traits from locals she meets on her journeys. “I believe in slow-paced travel. When I get to a place I stay in that particular location for a few days before hopping on to the next. I make it a point to interact with the locals even if there’s a language barrier,” she explains, adding that she wants her readers to perceive her writing as a mode of teleportation- not to escape life but to feel it even more deeply.
Green travel tip- “I make it a point to switch off all the electronic/ electrical devices when not in use. Also, eating local food or buying handmade souvenirs are on my list every time I travel. Also, I don’t carry too many gadgets, unnecessarily, to avoid as much distraction as possible.”
Anushka Sachan- Academic & Illustrator- “I don’t see myself as a good example of an eco-conscious traveller because the minute I get on a flight I’m adding to my carbon footprint,” says illustrator Anushka Sachan. When asked about how and if travel inspires her artworks, she explains, “Being an illustrator, the main idea is to observe things, soak in them, and draw in ways that are concise yet communicable. I don’t particularly see my art as a dialogue towards eco-conscious travel- though now you’ve given me much to think about.”  
Green travel tip- “One switch that I have definitely made in my life both as an academic and illustrator is that I have completely shifted to digital. I haven’t bought a notebook in the last three years. I use an iPad which also allows me to travel light.”
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