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CHRISTMAS season is here! This means the modern holiday classic Elf will be playing in many people's homes, including mine.
It is my favorite movie, and one scene that has always stood out to me is Buddy’s breakfast. So I decided to try it myself.
The 2003 movie follows Buddy, played by Will Ferrell, as he travels from the North Pole to New York City to meet his biological father at Christmas
As a toddler in an orphanage, Buddy snuck into Santa’s bag of gifts and was raised by Santa’s elves, making him particularly fond of sweet drinks and candy, the cuisine de rigueur of the North Pole.
I spent the day dressed as Buddy and reenacted scenes from the movie as he spreads Christmas cheer throughout New York. 
But Buddy’s breakfast is a more personal kind of joy – and one I had to recreate on my own. 
I wanted to eat like Buddy and hit two of the four main food groups of the North Pole – candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup – in my first meal of the day.
I’ve always wondered what Buddy’s famed breakfast pasta tasted like. I didn’t have to wonder or wait any longer. 
I accepted the challenge – and you should too!
Here’s what you’re going to need.
First, I made the spaghetti, let it cool, and put it into a zip-lock bag, just like Buddy does.
Then I added the chocolate syrup, maple syrup, mini marshmallows, red and green M&M’s, and rainbow sprinkles.
To top it off, I crumbled one chocolate fudge Pop-Tart. 
And now… to taste.
I put my hair back and stuck my hands in – quite literally.
If I was going to eat Buddy’s famed breakfast, I had to eat it the same way he does!
Man, was that DISGUSTING! I took one bite.
That’s all it took for me to know this was most definitely NOT good. 
It may not have been the best breakfast I’ve ever had, but I sure had fun with it.
If I had never tried it, I’d still wonder every time I see Buddy eating it while watching my favorite movie.
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