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A self-proclaimed “yo-yo dieter” turned “carnivore” is going viral for her proudly anti-vegan diet.
A woman is claiming she lost 30 pounds from just eating an all-meat diet — forget about fruits and vegetables — and is racking up millions of TikTok views in the process.
TikTok sensation Courtney Luna, 38, spent years chasing fad diets before deciding six months ago that she would stick to eating burgers, steak and bacon, complete with cheese and butter. She claims she’s better than ever, having lost weight and improved her complexion.
Better yet, she alleges she has even felt less anxious and ditched her medication altogether.
“I eat only meat and animal products so lots of burgers, patties, egg, steak, bacon, a lot of cream, butter and cheese,” the California-based carnivore told Kennedy News. “No vegetables or fruit, and I don’t even have spices. Vegetables and fruit can cause a lot of issues for people. . . and people with auto immune diseases or skin diseases can be sensitive.”
Luna claims she gets all the nutrients she needs from animal products, and wants to forego the “gas and bloating” caused by vegetables, as well as omit the carbs and sugars in fruits.
“I can get all the nutrients I need from meat. I don’t want the gas and bloating from vegetables. As for fruit, it’s not good to be on a high fat diet and also be on carbs and sugar,” she said. “You need to pick one fuel source. Either you’re burning fat or you’re burning carbs. I feel better on the fat.”
Critics online have dissed her diet, saying its dangerous and could potentially lead to high cholesterol, heart disease and other health problems, but Luna doesn’t care. She’s hell-bent on making this diet work for her and insists it’s the key to her health.
“It goes against everything we’ve been told that is healthy for us,” she said. “Over the last couple of years, I’ve been opening my eyes to blindly believing everything we’ve been told. A lot of questioning everything has been happening.”
For breakfast, she’ll have two quarter-pounder patties drenched in three tablespoons of butter; for lunch, it’s more of the same along with bacon; and at dinner, she eats steak and “carnivore ice cream” made with cream and egg yolk.
Notice there isn’t a single fruit or vegetable in sight.
“If I were to have a piece of fruit right now, it would trigger sugar cravings and before you know it, I’d be at McDonald’s craving a McFlurry,” she insisted.
Not only has Luna stopped craving sugar, but she actually looks forward to eating her meat-dense meals every day.
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“The desires are all gone,” she said. “Once you get the sugar out of your system, you don’t have those cravings. Even being around it and knowing it would taste good, there’s no desire. If I had something, it would be a slippery slope.”
So, Luna sticks to her three meals a day — with no snacks, because her meals are “so satiating and the fat is so filling” — and claims she never grows bored with her monotonous meals.
“People always ask me if I get bored of eating the same thing. It’s so weird, but I don’t. Every day, I get excited for my burger patties and steaks,” she said. “I’ve heard when smokers stop smoking their tastebuds come alive, and I feel like because I’m only eating meat, meat is all my body wants. It’s so exciting and delicious.”
Luna began this unusual diet six months ago alongside her husband, and her results were unbelievable.
“The main reason I tried this was because I was feeling so horrible and lethargic. I would wake up feeling exhausted and this has drastically improved my energy,” Luna said, touting her 30-pound weight loss and clear skin. “My digestion is better, and there’s no gas or bloating from the fiber in fruit and vegetables. My mood has improved drastically. I was able to go off my medication for anxiety and depression.”
In fact, Luna claims this is the first time she has tried a diet where weight loss hasn’t been the focus at all. Now, she claims she’s found what works for her and it’s “sustainable.”
“I’ve been on regular keto that allows for vegetables and treats. I tried Weight Watchers, the grapefruit diet, you name it, I’ve tried it,” she added.
While she admits she receives hate online, where she documents her diet journey, Luna claims it comes from “not understanding.”
“They think my cholesterol is going to be awful, and my arteries are going to be clogged and all the common misconceptions that come with eating red meat,” she said. “When they do the studies on people eating red meat, they aren’t just eating red meat, they’re also eating carbs. They’re eating a potato with their steak.”
She touts more than 70,000 followers on TikTok, on which she shares videos of what she eats in a day, along with other information about her diet. She even goes so far as to criticize registered dietitians, saying people shouldn’t “blindly” believe them, but viewers are quick to argue back in the comments and many can’t tell if the creator is kidding or not.
“Do you actually do this or is it a joke,” one user wrote.
“This is keto,” another pointed out.
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“Girl your diet scares me but your hair looks so slay,” someone else quipped.
“This is absolute quack. you need a balance of fats and carbohydrates in a healthy sustainable diet,” another user wrote on a different video.
“Craziness. News flash: fruits and veggies are good for you,” someone else agreed.
In the event “new information comes out” that their diet isn’t as healthy as they think, then they’ll “reevaluate” — but until then, Luna said, it’s all meat all the time as long as her blood work and mental health are “fine.”
But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention beg to differ. They advise a “variety” of fruits, vegetables and grains to be eaten, along with low-fat dairy sources and different sources of protein.
A healthy diet, according to the 2020-2025 Dietary Guideline for Americans presented by the US Department of Agriculture, consists of 2.5 cups of vegetables every day, 2 cups of fruit, 6 cups of grains, 3 cups of dairy, 5 grams of oil and only 5.5 ounces of meat per day.
But this committed carnivore couldn’t care less.
“I’ll be doing it forever, as long as it continues to work for me, and we don’t learn anything new. I have an open mind,” Luna said. “Maybe in the future, when I’m 75, I’ll have a bagel or something, but right now, it won’t do anything beneficial for me.”


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