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A FORMER bodybuilder, who was once dubbed the “most aesthetic athlete” in the history of the sport, has pursued a very different life as an author and screenwriter. 
Bob Paris, 63, was a star bodybuilder in the 1980s, winning multiple competitions and placing in the top 10 of Mr. Olympia several times. 
While he was known for his chiseled physique and bulging muscles, Paris gave up the glory to become a writer in the 1990s.
He has written several best-selling fitness books including Beyond Built, Flawless, Natural Fitness, and Prime. 
Additionally, the former adonis has written three memoirs including Gorilla Suit. 
Paris — born in Indiana — is also a known screenwriter and is currently writing a screenplay adaptation of his memoir, according to his website
Initially, after leaving bodybuilding, Paris stayed on the stage with the theater. 
He studied full-time in the advanced theater program at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting. 
He later went on to perform in several regional theater productions, according to his website, including Blythe Spirit and Glass Menagerie. 
Paris also made his New York Broadway debut in 1997 in the musical Jubilee. 
Additionally, he turned to television, working in a recurring role on the ABC series Defying Gravity. 
Before bodybuilding, Paris served with the US Marine Corps while attending university. 
It wasn’t long before he moved out to California to pursue a muscle-heavy career. 
Paris’ stellar bodybuilding career lasted nine years before he officially retired in 1991. 
His claim to fame came with winning Mr. Los Angeles, Mr. Southern California, the 1983 NPC American National, and the 1983 IFBB World Bodybuilding Championship. 
At the time, he modeled for the front covers of dozens of magazines, being photographed by world-renowned photographers Herb Ritts and Bruce Weber. 
During his career, Paris received the nickname “The Flawless Marvel," according to the Daily Star.
The champion bodybuilder also made headlines in 1989 when he came out publicly in the media. 
First, he revealed his sexuality in an interview with Ironman Magazine before speaking about it on Oprah. 
Since coming out, Paris has turned to social activism, promoting civil rights.
He has also been an outspoken advocate for athlete’s rights and was a large voice for drug testing in the sport. 
Now, Paris lives in British Columbia, Canada with his husband Brian.
They have been together since 1997 and married since 2003.
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