I’m a hot mom and I love to shake my booty – people say I shouldn’t but I don’t care… – The US Sun

AN ATTRACTIVE mother has become the subject of online critics after she shared several videos of herself dancing.
The TikTok creator loves to shake her booty and doesn't care what others think of her moves.
TikTok creator K. Fox, also known as @fox_mamacita, loves to dance and shake her hips in her many videos on the platform.
Her videos are meant to showcase the fact that women can still have fun and live their lives even after having children.
In one video, she breaks it down and claps back at trolls who say mothers shouldn't shake their butts.
Fox drops it low, brings it back up slowly, and pops her hips in the viral video.
The tattooed mother is wearing a light pink crop top and comfy dark pink sweatpants as she walks into the frame tugging at her ponytail.
The subtitles above her head read: "When someone says moms shouldn't shake their a$$."
She does a little spin before she begins popping her hips to each side.
As she's dancing, a new subtitle appears above her head that reads: "How else do you think I became a mom."
The video is just one in a series of similar TikToks that clap back at online haters.
In another, Fox makes her intentions known and aims the video at the people who criticized her behavior.
She fluffs her long brown hair and walks toward the camera in her home, as she wears a black crop sweater and baggy black sweatpants.
The subtitles above her head read: "When so many people on the internet were triggered by me saying moms are allowed to shake their a$$."
The video is a direct response to those who reject the idea that parents can also have fun moments in life.
The content creator takes the opportunity to pop her hip and shake her booty even harder.
Numerous people came to the mother's defense in the comment sections of the two videos.
"Us fathers definitely agree with you lol," one user commented.
"Being a mom doesn't change our personality or who we are, atleast it shouldn't," another shared online.
"I’m a young mom, best bet is still hit the club and shake my caboose every once in awhile…let them watch," another added.
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