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Ramon Abbas perfected a simple internet scam that helped him launder millions of dollars, riches he shamelessly flaunted on Instagram. Better known as @Hushpuppi, the young Nigerian became a fixture among the global elite as fashion houses showered him with gifts. But his fame would ultimately be his downfall
3M Blocked From Shifting Combat-Earplug Liability to Unit in Bankruptcy
How China Downgraded Covid From ‘Devil’ Virus to a Common Cold
Egypt Makes Jumbo Rate Hike as Pressure Grows on Pound
The World Is Using Fewer Cardboard Boxes. That’s a Bad Sign for the Economy
US Third-Quarter GDP Revised Higher to 3.2% on Firmer Spending
Spain’s Win for Transgender Rights Almost Tore the Country Apart
Chinese Startup’s $140,000 Car Can Fly Over Traffic Jams
Chinese Startup’s $140,000 Car Can Fly Over Traffic Jams
EQT Weighs Sale of Stake in Prosthesis Firm Ottobock
ByteDance Employees Inappropriately Gained Access to TikTok User Data
Venezuela Lawmakers Vote to Remove Guaidó as Head of Opposition
Biden Targets Russian Mercenaries Accused of Ukraine Atrocities
Guggenheim’s Minerd Was a Wall Street Outsider Who Made It His Home
US Home Sales Dropped by a Record 35% in November
Boras: Giants Wouldn’t Seal Correa Deal, So He Called Mets
‘The Best Man’ Wraps Up Storylines With New Peacock Series
Putin Is Just Waiting for Zelenskiy’s Star Turn to End
This Congress Showed That Democracy Can Work
FTX Friends Flip on SBF
The Chatbots Are Coming for Google
Banks Open Data-Protection Vault to Other Financial Businesses
Drugmakers Are Testing Ways to Stop Alzheimer’s Before It Starts
Spain’s Win for Transgender Rights Almost Tore the Country Apart
Trump Calls NY Sexual-Abuse Law Unconstitutional in Rape Accuser’s Suit
Extreme Cold Grips US as Jet Stream Bends Under Climate Change
Texas Power Use to Top Winter Record as Bitter Cold Strikes
New Jersey’s Concealed-Carry Law Is Being Challenged by Guns-Rights Group
When a Dutch Photographer Turned Her Camera on Los Angeles
Bankrupt Pennsylvania City Pushes to Sell Water System to Raise Cash
Crypto Regulations and Politics: Year in Review (Podcast)
Sam Bankman-Fried’s Bahamas Jail Luxury: Cable, AC and a Toilet
 Life at the FTX Bahamas Compound (Podcast)
2022 is supposed to bring the busiest travel season ever. Inflation and Covid may have other plans.
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We’re all finally going on a summer holiday. That’s the hope anyway. 
Evidence of a recovery in leisure travel is mounting, but we’ve been here several times before. There is still a risk that our wanderlust is curbed by the emergence of a new variant, an escalation of tensions in Ukraine or a surge in living costs. For now, though, consumers in both the U.S. and Europe are desperate to pack their bags again.


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