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Ireland has been ranked in the first position as Europe’s best travel destination for the ninth consecutive year, by a US travel publication.
According to a report provided by Extra, Ireland has accepted the award at the Travel Weekly Readers’ Choice Awards in New York, in the US Museum of Natural History, reports.
Other European countries such as Italy, Greece, Spain, France, and Croatia have also been in competition for the Best Destination in Europe category.
Alison Metcalfe, from Tourism Ireland, while accepting the award said that they are delighted that the country has been singled out for the ninth consecutive year for this award.
“Travellers nowadays have tremendous choice, which makes it more important than ever for us to ensure Ireland stands out from other destinations – so this award is really good news, as we prepare to kick off another extensive and targeted promotional drive in 2023,” the statement reads.
Following the easing of the restrictions imposed to halt the spread of the Coronavirus, the tourism industry in Ireland, among other marked a significant improvement.
According to the figures provided recently by the Irish Tourism Industry (ITIC), Ireland welcomed a total of 900,000 foreign visitors in September this year, which is about 9 per cent less in comparison to the figures for the same period last year.
In addition, the same source revealed that despite the significant improvement in the tourism industry, visitors’ figures continue to remain below pre-pandemic levels, before the spread of the Coronavirus and its new variants.
It was also reported that the North American market, in September, also contributed significantly to  Ireland’s travel and tourism industry.
According to ITIC, the improvement in this sector was also threatened by the energy crisis, the increase in cost inflation as well as supply constraints.
“Members such as hotels and restaurants were reporting that energy bills had jumped to unsustainable and unprecedented levels, warning that profit margins have come under serious pressure,” Eoghan O’Mara Walsh, CEO of ITIC pointed out in this regard.
Travellers from the United States also make a significant contribution to the country’s tourism industry.
According to the report made by Extra, Ireland kept its doors open to a total of 1.7 million passengers from the United States, who delivered as of €1.6billion  for the country’s economy, in 2019.
It has also been reported that the report represents what the audience of Travel Weekly considers the best in a total of 82 categories.


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