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Chipotle recently opened at Waynesboro Marketplace on Rosser Avenue, featuring a Chipotlane — where you can pick up digital orders. Dsc 6557
If you’re hoping to head to Chipotle on Christmas Eve, you should know if they’re open first.
Chipotle has become very popular over the years due to its locally sourced food, tasty combinations, and healthy alternatives to more conventional fast food places like McDonald’s or Taco Bell. You can easily slide in line and get something tasty, even if you have to wait a few minutes. So if you’re hoping to run out on Christmas Eve to get stuff done, or maybe you’re heading over to see some friends, you may decide to stop on by Chipotle to get something to eat.
But, the question is, will they even be open with Christmas right around the corner? Well, good news, yes, Chipotle will be open. While the restaurant will be closed on Christmas, the day before they’ll be wide open.
That said, most stores have adjusted hours on Dec. 24, so will Chipotle be open during their regular hours? It’s a very good chance, actually. Most stores are listing their hours until 10 PM local time, so if you’re hoping to get some grub from there, you’ll likely be able to stop by.
If your store isn’t open until 10 PM local time, assume your local Chipotle will be open during regular hours of operation.
If your local Chipotle is closed for whatever reason, that doesn’t mean you are out of luck entirely. KFC will be holding regular hours of operation, as will many pizza places. McDonald’s will also be open during their regular hours of operation as well.
In fact, most places will be open on Christmas Eve, it just really all comes down to what time they end up closing up for the night. Some places are observing regular hours of operation, while others are shutting down early.
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