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The Lamborghini Huracán is pictured being loaded with donated kidneys to be delivered to hospitals. (Credit: Polizia di Stato)
Italian police used a specially-adapted Lamborghini to quickly deliver two kidneys to transplant recipients at hospitals located hundreds of miles away. 
Polizia di Stato, or the State Police, shared photos on Tuesday of the Lamborghini Huracán being loaded with the organs. 
"Traveling on the highway to deliver the most beautiful Christmas present: life," police wrote in a Facebook post, according to an English translation. "Thanks to the State Police’s special Father Christmas, two people were gifted a kidney."
The organs were driven from Padua in Italy's northeast, according to the Guardian and others — and traveled to hospitals in Modena and Rome. Padua to Modena is about 105 miles away, and Modena to Rome is just about 250 miles away. 
The Lamborghini Huracán is pictured being loaded with donated kidneys to be delivered to hospitals. (Credit: Polizia di Stato)
The Huracán Polizia, the police version of its Huracán super sports car, was gifted to the Italian Highway Patrol by the luxury carmaker in 2017. It was assigned to the highway patrol in Bologna in northern Italy for use in both normal police operations and for the urgent transport of blood and organs. 
The car has all-wheel drive and is equipped with an aspirated V10 that produces 610 horsepower, as well as a hybrid chassis made of aluminum and carbon fiber. The front of the vehicle has a special refrigeration system for the urgent transport of organs, as well as a defibrillator.
The passenger compartment also has an onboard system used to document police operations on the road, in addition to an array of police equipment, such as a gun holster, portable extinguisher, and standard police radio.
Troopers in Utah pulled over a 5-year-old boy who took his parents’ car so he could go to California to buy a Lamborghini.
Another Huracán has been operated by the Italian Highway Patrol in Rome since 2015.
In late 2020, one of the Huracán drove a kidney over 300 miles in about two hours — an average speed of 145 miles per hour, according to The Drive.
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This story was reported from Cincinnati.
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