'It's a 24-hour city': Mayor Adams defends party lifestyle – New York Post

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Mayor Eric Adams has defended his late-night party lifestyle — insisting that he is helping the Big Apple economy.
“My nightlife is a multi-billion dollar industry,” Adams told CNN’s Chris Wallace on an installment of “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace” set to run Sunday.
“People are afraid to go back out to restaurants; now they see our mayor going out saying ‘come back out to our city.’ That is what the whole theme is.”
Hizzoner insisted that the city’s economic downturn made it more important than ever for him to show solidarity with workers around the boroughs while he paints the town red.
“It’s a 24 hour city. When I go out I am patronizing my restaurants, my hotels, my dishwashers, my cooks,” he said.
“Then, what I do next, I go into the subway system to see if my midnight people are working. I go into my hospitals. I go visit this 24 hour city.”
“This is not a 9 to 5 city, and this is a city that never sleeps. So the mayor should not be taking a nap.”
The 62-year-old Democrat has won praise from nightlife insiders for routinely hitting nightclubs and high-end restaurants long after the business day at City Hall wraps up.
But his party lifestyle has also drawn condemnation from critics, who question how he affords to hang out at the swanky members-only NoHo club Zero Bond and pricey Midtown eatery Osteria La Baia.
The social lawmaker visited the high-end restaurant 14 times in one month over the summer — on his $258,750 annual salary.
Adams — who has claimed to operate on just four hours of sleep every night — also insisted he doesn’t pay attention to pundits who have a problem with his partying ways.
“You can’t wake up and read the papers of the day and say ‘oh my god, I’m afraid of being criticized.’ I have 8.8 million people in the city, I have 35 million opinions. That is the city we call New York.”


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