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Attention, coffee lovers!
A coffee shop in Cainta, Rizal has come up with a creative way to serve a sweetener together with a cup of coffee.
Instead of the usual small sachets of sugar found in hotels, Almonte Brews serves coffee with cotton candy hanging from sticks.
The warmth from the coffee melts the candy, which falls right into the drink and sweetens it in the process.
According to Vonne Aquino's report on "24 Oras Weekend," the coffee shop is owned by Archie Lacorte and his wife.
Archie said they happened to have a cotton candy maker around, and that's how they thought about serving it together with the coffee.
It took them several tries to perfect the details, such as how much cotton candy to put and how hot the coffee must be.
Now, their business is booming. They began the business during the pandemic with P30,000 capital, which they now turned into a monthly income of P40,000 to P50,000.
Asked for their advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs, Archie said, "Kailangan passion n'yo rin. Kailangan magustuhan n'yo, 'yung gusto n'yo talaga 'yung business."
—MGP, GMA Integrated News


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