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KULR Technology Group signed an annual subscription agreement with an unnamed U.S.-based international commercial offshore and air medical helicopter operator. Under the agreement, KULR will provide track and balance support for the operator's fleet of more than 250 aircraft through its Vibe vibration reduction technology, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) and on-aircraft sensors.
According to KULR, integrating Vibe into existing hardware and software processes allows clients to pinpoint areas where excess vibrations may cause system malfunctions, weakened performance, maintenance issues, and loss of aircraft availability. Clients can keep their fleet of helicopters, which would otherwise be grounded or pose a substantial risk to crewmembers, airborne. KULR’s mechanical fault diagnostic software works with the learning algorithms and AI functions of Vibe. The technology was recently used to identify and remedy vibration problems on several U.S. Marine Corps rotorcraft, including a grounded Bell AH-1Z Viper that was then returned to service. 
KULR is working with a helicopter retrofit company to embed its systems in older aircraft and offer its technology to more military customers, as well as original equipment manufacturers that could install it as factory equipment. The company also believes Vibe is applicable to the eVTOL, wind turbine, high-performance automobile, and industrial motor markets.
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