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Chances are, you're here because you want to eat better, keep your blood sugar at healthy levels and better manage your type 2 diabetes—or you're helping a loved one manage theirs. Well, you've come to the right place! ​​Living with diabetes means that you need to pay special attention to your diet, which can feel overwhelming. But there's good news: what you eat can help prevent and manage diabetes. Eating well and moving more helps prevent the condition—even if your blood glucose level is already in what's considered to be a "prediabetes" range. (And if you have diabetes already, a healthy diet helps keep glucose levels in check.)
From the best Starbucks drinks to whether you can eat bananas or not, the articles and dietitian-approved recipes below offer inspiration and expert advice to help anyone living with diabetes (or caring for a person with diabetes) to make better, more delicious choices every day. You won't find a lot of confusing medical jargon here—just easy, healthy recipes and simple nutrition information you can trust.
A registered dietitian and diabetes expert weighs in on the best and worst protein sources if you have diabetes.
A registered dietitian shares the best drinks to order at the popular coffee chain when you’re managing blood sugar levels.
Find out from a nutrition expert if cheese can help you better manage your blood sugar and maintain a healthy weight.

Bananas, chocolate and peanut butter are a winning combination in these fun, satisfying oatmeal cakes. Peanut butter adds a boost of protein while oats provide fiber. Enjoy these oatmeal cakes for breakfast or a hearty snack.
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Inspired by the flavors of spanakopita, here we put a spin on spinach pie and turn it into a casserole. Adding chicken provides protein, while plenty of garlic and onions add flavor. This recipe calls for 8 sheets of phyllo dough, so there’s no need to cover them to keep them moist when assembling. If your sheets are larger than your dish, cut them or fold them in half so they fit.
You can make these healthy dinner recipes in advance to make mealtimes during busy weeks a breeze. Just whip up these meals and store them in your fridge or freezer for days to come. With complex carbs like whole grains and legumes, low amounts of saturated fat and sodium counts within our recipe parameters, these dishes fit well into a diabetes-friendly eating pattern
Warm up to a comforting bowl of chicken stew scented with thyme, oregano and smoked paprika. Adding spinach and white beans provides a hearty dose of fiber that will keep you satisfied until the next meal.
A registered dietitian shares how this popular high-carb food can still be enjoyed on a diabetes-appropriate meal plan.
A nod to the variety of coconut seafood stews prepared throughout the Caribbean, this hearty dish leans on butternut squash for bright color and subtle sweetness. We serve this fragrant stew over brown rice for a complete meal.
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The Dukan Diet is a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet promoting rapid weight loss and promising lasting results. While this may sound appealing, the diet does have multiple drawbacks, especially for those with diabetes.
You may think this dietary staple is a no-go if you have diabetes. Here’s what to know.
This healthy vegetarian casserole is a standout on any table. Crushed red pepper provides a little kick to this creamy main dish. We love the ease of jarred roasted red peppers, but if you have time, feel free to roast them yourself.


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