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Lung Health: Surround yourself with greenery to increase oxygen around you
An important respiratory organ, the lungs are situated on each side of the heart, close to the backbone. Their primary job is to discharge carbon dioxide from the bloodstream into the atmosphere and transfer oxygen from the atmosphere into the bloodstream. Lungs never take a break. A healthy individual breathes around 25,000 times each day.
You can maintain the health of your lungs in a variety of ways. Your lungs can benefit greatly from simple dietary adjustments, healthy lifestyle improvements, and healthy behaviours.
Besides, quitting smoking, eating well, etc. there are various other lifestyle changes that improve your lung health. In this article, we discuss simple life changes you can implement to promote the longevity of your lungs and ensure your lungs stay healthy.
These lifestyle changes ensure better health of your lungs and overall body:
1. Engage in vigorous exercise
The most crucial thing you can do to improve the condition of your lungs is to exercise regularly. Exercise maintains your lungs in condition, just as it does for your body. The heart beats more quickly and the lungs work even harder when you exercise. To feed your muscles, your body requires extra oxygen. In order to provide that oxygen while also releasing more carbon dioxide, your lungs work harder.
2. Be careful of air pollutants
There are a number of additional airborne contaminants that are bad for your lungs and general health. Even synthetic scents used in air fresheners and laundry detergents create dangerous chemicals. Your lungs can be harmed by air pollution, which can also fasten ageing. Your lungs are readily able to resist these pollutants when they are healthy and youthful. But as they age, they lose part of their protection and become more susceptible to illnesses.
3. Add real plants to your space
As plants have a built-in ability to eliminate some air pollutants naturally, adding plants to our homes improves the oxygen and air quality in our living spaces. This is particularly crucial in the winter when the weather forces us to spend the majority of our time indoors.
4. Avoid catching infections
Your lungs might be particularly vulnerable to infections, especially as you become older. Infections are especially dangerous for those who already have respiratory conditions like COPD. However, if elders aren’t vigilant, pneumonia can quickly strike even healthy elderly. Keeping your hands clean is the most effective strategy to prevent lung infections. Wash often with warm water and soap, and try to keep your hands as far away from your face as possible.
5. Drink ample water
For your health, consume a lot of water. Furthermore, the health of your lungs is affected by staying hydrated. You may breathe more freely by drinking water since it thins the mucus secretions that naturally build up in your lungs every day.
6. Practice deep breathing
If you’re like most individuals, you only use a tiny section of your lungs when you take short breaths from your chest area. Thorough oxygen exchange is created by deep breathing, which also helps to cleanse the lungs. Deep breathing techniques and exercises also help increase our lung capacity.


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Finally, you are always encouraged to quit smoking and passive smoking to improve and preserve the health of your lungs and overall body.
Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.
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