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Makeup and sweat don’t go together. Wearing makeup when exercising or engaging in sporting activities could be a red flag, and sometimes, leave you looking worse, especially if you aren’t armed with the right tips to create a flawless face for a day full of sports.
As always, we’ve got you covered to look your best even after running a 100m race or lifting at the gym. Think of it this way: There’s a reason Serena Williams and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce look their best after hours of performing. So, are you a sportsperson looking to maintain your glow and look your best while exercising? This piece has all the answers you need and more.
Here are the best beauty tips every sportsperson needs:
Skip the foundation
Waterproof or not, wearing a foundation while performing sports can be incontinence, and we’re not only talking about having to sweat it all off. Foundation tends to get oily, and heavy and clog the pores when you sweat, causing all round discomfort, as well as, affecting your efficiency and output.
On the other hand, if you prefer your makeup with foundation, choose an oil-free tinted moisturiser or a light mineral powder foundation, which will not clog your pores, but ensures your face stays the same way all through.
Conceal the blemishes
If you choose to skip foundations, totally, you should turn to concealers. Now, we’re not saying contour and highlight, but instead, cover the blemishes and parts of your face that might need some help.
Keep airbrushed, flawless skin for outings and focus on covering pimples, dark eyes or hyper-pigmentation with a non-comedogenic concealer, while you perform sporting activities.
Mineral powder
Whether you opt for a concealer or tinted moisturiser, it’s vital to seal the deal with mineral powder. Without mineral powder, your concealer and moisturiser are more likely to run when you sweat.
Mineral powder presents this by setting it, ensuring it stays in place. So, remember to lightly dab some over any liquid-based makeup.
Waterproof mascara
If you choose to wear mascara, waterproof mascaras are your best bet. Anything else will likely run while you exercise and smear your face with black streaks, making it look like you’ve been crying or had a wild night out.
If you cannot imagine a facebeat without mascara, then do it the waterproof way, a few swishes and you’re good to go. But remember to wear them minimally, as they could cause damage to your lashes if worn too often.
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Lip tints
Add some light colour to your lips with some lip tint. This adds some colour to your lips without the effect of wearing too much makeup. Dab off extras that could come off while performing with a tissue.
And since your cheeks become naturally flushed during exercises or sports, it’s also a great idea to skip the blush until after.
Seal the deal
Seal everything up with an oil-free setting spray to be sure your make-up stays put all the way.
Keep your hair hydrated
Over time, many female athletes find that their hair begins to break easily. An active lifestyle might be damaging to your hair. Your hair is put through the wringer when you have to constantly shower to remove sweat after working out and you always have to wear your hair up in a ponytail when you work out or play your sport. As a result, your hair fights back with split ends and brittleness.
You must give your hair additional care in addition to your regular shampooing and conditioning if you want to calm it. Regularly massaging hair-friendly oil into your hair, like coconut, jojoba or argan oil, will help maintain it moisturised and renewed despite your active lifestyle.
Everyone deserves a great skincare routine, sportsperson or not. Looking your best while you maintain an active lifestyle is a lot easier when you have some help and these tips should get you right on track.

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