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Make This Breakfast Wrap Inspired By The Greek Spanakopita
Updated : December 19, 2022 05:12 IST
Spinach and cheese are a classic combination that has multiple iterations around the world; from quiches, pies, empanadas and pierogis, the two ingredients are enjoyed best when enclosed within a crispy-chewy breakfast wrap.
The legendary flavour combinations of spinach and cheese, with its salty and vegetal taste is something we’re all familiar with in different ways. In India, palak paneer, an iteration of the same ingredients, is a beloved dish featuring on almost every menu in restaurants serving North Indian specialties. The Greek spanakopita, a savoury pie made with a spinach and feta filling enclosed in crispy filo pastry, is eaten alongside roast dinners on special days of the year. The liberal use of feta cheese in Greek cuisine, for its salty crumbliness, elevates the taste of anything that it is added to.
While nothing comes close to the spanakopita in terms of an experience, why should we deprive ourselves of the flavours and crunch when we can make our own homemade breakfast version of it? The best part about any fusion recipe is that one can always replace or swap ingredients with whatever is available around you. Can’t seem to find feta cheese? Use a good quality cheddar or mozzarella instead. Either way, we can assure you that no matter how you make this, it’s going to be a gooey, melting, delicious breakfast of champions.
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