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Since majority of Filipinos have received vaccinations, the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic is progressing better — regulations that once required face masks in open areas and sparsely populated outdoor areas with good ventilation have become lax.
Although some Covid-19-related regulations have been relaxed, experts still recommend wearing a face mask in public to protect yourself and those around you.
In addition to vaccination and physical separation, many medical professionals claim that diligently donning a face mask in a public setting can help to slow and reduce the spread of Covid-19.
Enter Qualisafe, a locally-produced and owned by Filipinos face mask company. One of their flagship products is their line of KN95 face masks, which have received FDA approval. While standard KN95 masks provide 95 percent filter efficiency, Qualisafe's offer 98 to 99 percent filtration against airborne particles thanks to their five layers of filter protection.
Qualisafe's KN95 masks are available in four different editions for their lifestyle series, each with a selection of colors.
The Nude Edition of Qualisafe's KN95 face mask features five varying shades of nude, perfect for everyday use. Like all of their masks, these are lightweight and breathable.
The Dark Edition, meanwhile, offers five diverse dark colored masks, from black to royal blue to dark brown.
Want to go back to basics? A box of masks in all black or all white each is also available. Like all of Qualisafe's face masks, they're medical grade — safe to use in any situation.
Shop Qualisafe KN94 masks at any branch of S&R and Landers or order online through Landers Online.


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