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ZION Clark has made history with his MMA pro debut – and won a legion of fans in the process.
The former college wrestler, 25, was born without a lower body due to a rare disorder.
Clark topped the bill for his first pro fight, taking on Eugene Murray in San Diego on December 17.
And the remarkable athlete put in a performance for the ages, defeating his able-bodied opponent by unanimous decision.
Clark's brutal wrestling takedowns were the key to his success on the night, with the judges all awarding him the win after three grueling rounds.
Away from sport, Zion has fully embraced the celebrity lifestyle and boasts a loyal army of online followers.
He has more than one million fans on Instagram, regularly updating his feed with his new whip or celebrity spot.
Clark recently gave his fans a glimpse of his hard-earned white C8 Corvette.
Starting at $70,000, the luxury car boasts a hefty 5.5-liter V8 and can go from 0-60mph in just 2.6 seconds.
Clark captioned the clip: "C8 be great be grateful. Who knows how much time we have left."
Just weeks prior to picking up his new wheels, Zion was rubbing shoulders with boxing royalty.
Clark joined Mike Tyson for a podcast stint, before heading off to take in the bright lights of Qatar for the soccer World Cup.
While he's also shared viral moments this year with heavyweight boxing champ Deontay Wilder and social media sensation Montana Tucker.
And Clark is always happy to show his rhymic side, crashing the drums or strumming away on his Gretsch guitar.
Born in September 1997 in Columbus, Ohio, Clark was given up for adoption at birth.
He has Caudal Regression Syndrome, a condition that affects the development of the lower spine and caused him to be born without legs.
His introduction to wrestling came in elementary school, but it wasn't until linking up with coach Gil Donahue at high school that his true talents were unearthed.
Zion hit the weights and transformed his approach to the sport, going 33-15 in his senior year.
He attended Kent State and fought at varsity level, before targeting the Olympic Games first in Tokyo and now in Paris.
Clark dreams of making history by becoming the first American to compete in both the Olympics (wrestling) and Paralympics (wheelchair racing).
Zion's drive both in and out of the ring should see him gain more plaudits and MMA victories in the future.
He told Fox LA: "I'm not exceptional because I don't have legs and I'm an athlete.
"I'm exceptional because I have a drive and I live by the mantra ‘No excuses’ and I push myself forward every day."
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