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Minecraft isn’t restricted to the definition of a game; it’s a huge brand. We’ve seen other games like Minecraft: Story Mode, which is in a very different genre. Mojang isn’t only working on the main game; they still work hard for the updates and partner with different studios. It’s nice to see the franchise with different genres, especially if you’re a fan of Minecraft; you’ll love the concept of those games. Minecraft Legends is Mojang and Blackbird Interactive’s new strategy game, and it drops another gameplay video. The announcement is made on Minecraft Live event, which has a few exciting shows.
Of course, this isn’t a sequel to Minecraft. Those two games are very different kinds, Minecraft Legends is still in development, and we’ve been wondering what’s inside the game. The uncut video shows us a brief snippet from the game.
The video comes from the game’s official live event, Minecraft Live. There were many announcements for the Minecraft brand; the event also didn’t forget to respect Technoblade. Alongside the video, they gave a brief release date. The exact day isn’t clear, but Spring 2023 is their aim. We’re still months away from the game, so keep your expectations balanced. Here’s the new gameplay video for Minecraft Legends:

As you see, the game carries the fundamentals of Minecraft. But the gameplay is way different because this isn’t a sandbox game like Minecraft. The graphics might seem poor, but it’s the game’s concept. Like the original Minecraft, the game has its own style. Don’t be afraid of the difference; there are still many contents you know from Minecraft. That’s why it’s not a separate game from the series.
There’s also a chance to see the game on the Game Pass library. The library has become Minecraft-friendly more than ever in the last months.
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