More than $200,000 raised for River Bend Food Bank to meet emergency needs this winter – KWQC

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – The Quad Cities Community Foundation and 12 other local funders and individual donors raised $224, 000 in two weeks to help Riverbend Food Bank feed children, adults, and seniors this winter.
This year, the food donations that River Bend Food Bank relies on to supply its 400 hunger-relief partners are down 40 percent, reducing the variety and quantity of no-cost food available to partners including food pantries, schools, senior residences, and community organizations.
While these partners can use their own resources to purchase additional food to distribute to their guests, those organizations may be feeling some of the same economic strains as the people they serve.
“We steadfastly believe that we can do more together than we can alone—and what a tremendous demonstration of that belief,” said Sue Hafkemeyer, president and CEO of Quad Cities Community Foundation. “As funders, it’s imperative for us to respond to needs that arise in our region and join forces in addressing them. For the donors who contributed to help the food bank combat hunger this winter, we have so much admiration and gratitude.”
Quad Cities Community Foundation raised $50,000 for the local food bank, and in a match-challenge, Hubbell-Waterman Foundation donated an additional $50,000 to the cause.
Other local funders and individual donors included:
The $224,000 raised will allow River Bend Food Bank to bridge the gap and meet increased needs for the next six to nine months while it works to implement additional food-security plans.
“At a time when food insecurity continues to rise, the timing of the Community Foundation’s campaign was perfect,” said Nancy Renkes, president and CEO of River Bend Food Bank. “Our board of directors, team members, and especially the children and adults facing hunger in our region are grateful for this amazing contribution that will provide more than one million meals to those in need. This is the kind of support that truly puts the word ‘community’ in the Community Foundation.”
Additional monetary donations to the food bank are welcome now and throughout the year to support its work with its hunger-relief partners, school pantry programs, senior hunger initiatives, and senior pantry programs.
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